APRadio exclusive interview with French yellow jacket leader

Mike Holt conducts this exclusive interview with French yellow vest spokes person Roman Light who explains the RIC (Referendum Initiated by Citizens) movement and French Government positions on the ground in France. Roman further exposes fake myth-information generated by government manipulated mainstream media, something all Australians need to hear with yellow vest rebellion about to explode across Australia for the same reason as the French people are demanding.

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  1. Kim says:

    I believe Australians are ready. Well some of us are so ready for this type of movement.

    • admin says:

      Unfortunately Australian majority are intimidated by authority, the French know how to deal with dictators from a previous revolution and sorted that out. Until there is no food no home no work no money Australians are content to be walked all over, and even after all of that the majority will capitulate to the establishment, There are no ANZAC left to fight…. HARRY

      • Mike Holt says:

        Speak for yourself mate. This bloody veteran is ready to fight….MIKE

      • Harry
        I do agree with you 100%
        In 1981 i escaped illegally from communist Poland and after a 2 year stint in West Germany come to Australia in 1983.
        At that time i was a wonderful ,free and fair country.
        Now ,the corrupted to the core (and not even bothering to hide it) governments ( it doesn’t matter if they call them self “labor’ or “liberal” ) who lost they contact with reality of are killing this country,its people’s initiatives and MOTIVATIONS .
        What we have now is a very strange and repulsive system where banks married the governments wo follow up communist ideas of oppression.
        We should keep our mouths shut,,dont ask any questions and accept all crap coming down from the “pooooooooower”.

        At the same time AFP has the ANB number.. “Australian Brder Force ” has ABN number..Department of immigration has an ABN number..
        If you send a letter or emial even few years ago to a M,member of parliament of any minister office you got at least some answer.
        Now they don’t even bother.
        More and more wall is being build by those “mighty ones” .
        You can’t call you have to send the email.
        End if you write you get restricted number of words to make sure that you will not bother the parasite on receiving end for to long.

        Corruption in police?
        Of course.
        Cops who lie while testifying under the oat to cover their brutality ?
        OF Course !!!!

        by Jerzy Ulicki-Rek » 13 Jul 2017 02:53 am

        Open letter to Mr.Mick Fuller
        NSW Police Commissioner
        in relation to police corruption


        Corrupted and discredited cops who participated in drug’s smuggling
        operation s (120 milions dollars worth) who are solicitors now ?
        No doubt!! :

        In police state crooks are lawyers ?
        Postby Jerzy Ulicki-Rek » 19 Nov 2016 09:12 am


        ETC ETC ETC>>

        ANd -least but nort last :

        All 4 of them>>

        All the best in New year

        • admin says:

          Everything you pointed out, and so much more, is true. The political parties have set up a corporation registered in the USA, then Goss and Rudd passed a “Reprints Act” to give them the “authority” to rewrite Commonwealth of Australia laws to suit themselves. But they couldn’t just rewrite them, because they know they have no authority…so they rewrite them, copyright them to their corporation, and give them a fake number with a letter on the end, and a notice saying it’s “for education purposes only”. Really? That’s their laws?

          Just be careful writing to the crooks though Jerzy, because they also passed a law (without any authority) called the Fixated Persons Act, which they use to chuck you in the loony bin where they will try and inject you with drugs and then declare you insane. Read this….


      • Paul says:

        Sad but so very very true

    • Ann O'Neill says:

      Definitely it’s time to stand united and overthrow this dishonest government and start again before it’s to late.

  2. NATHALIE rosemarie GRASSI says:

    great interview, thanks mate

    • admin says:

      Remember this bloke one of the leading spokesmen for the French revolt resides in Sydney and has all the leadership qualities, as you can gather from the interview. But if he was to attempt a muster of Australians as a united force is another question he may need help from a sheeple dog… Harry

  3. Graeme Pope says:

    I think Australia could be the most apathetic country in the world

    • Mike hughes says:

      No mate we are not 3ven close to England on that score

      • admin says:

        Mike~ It seems our nations are again united with a common enemy, this time within our boarders and our national defense together is capitulating to the enemy taking of our nations. Soon we will see the Queen wears a burqa walking several paces behind Phil the sheik or is that Greek. Our forefathers must be proud how we are defending the empire and the colony … Harry

    • Paul says:

      Sad but undeniable

  4. Lori Riley says:

    Thank you to everyone who will stand up! #RIC #CIR #giletjaunes #yellowvests #flipthepyramid

  5. Justin says:

    The people around the world are waking up and realizing that we dont want any more corrupt government yellow vests rise up and take your countries back

  6. Christopher says:

    I think this is the wonderful movement we need to focus on spiritual growth as well which is a necessity in life. A lot of us are starting to do this in the states as well. I know I personally have been touching base with many people who are ready.

    • admin says:

      Christopher~ Australia has the same population that resides in New York City, we are the most over governed country in the world and well over 50% of the population are totally reliant on the public purse yet for some reason the government and politicians project Australia as some world power. So you take the states to the front line to get back your freedom, we will remain awaiting Santa or the Fairies to take action for us…. Harry

  7. Stephen Lloyd says:

    Australia same as here in Ireland sheeple all over but tomorrow Saturday there’s a call to join a Yellowvests protest in Dublin. Here’s hoping

    • admin says:

      Stephen~ Keep in touch letting us know how the rally goes in Dublin. It seems as usual Australia will be running ralleys all over the place with no organisation or planning which is what the establishment want and get every time … Harry

      • MaureenPaul says:

        I*m a 79 yr, old lady & I remember how it used to be. We could leave our doors unlocked, walk down the streets without fear,trust our neighbours, manage without govt. handouts (centre link control), had extended families. We owned our essential assets & respected other peoples rights. Australians are apathetic, but this has been brought about deliberately by globalist govts who are trying to dehumanise us & totally control us & destroy us. However, I am encouraged by the millions of people all over the world now who are fighting back (not necessarily violently) & all we need now is a leader to show us the way.

        • Mike Holt says:

          Maureen, we are working to bring about change, using our websites to help educate, encourage action, and plan for the future. Please read them and if you support what we are doing sign up as a member….it’s free…and then download the My Will letter and start gathering signatures.

          This is where you will learn what the political party traitors have done: https://www.cirnow.com.au/

          This is where you can learn about the My Will letter and then download it to start doing your bit to get our Commonwealth of Australia government back: https://mywillaustralia.com/my-will-my-country/

          And this is our plan for the future. We must have a plan if we are going to get our nation back on track: https://advance-australia.com.au/

          Mike Holt
          Advance Australia

  8. Harry Palmer says:

    My negative replies are my way of saying wake up Australia your nation is down the toilet and sitting at the S bend so stop flushing get out there and demand your rights to call a referendum at anytime to make your parliament accountable and do it TODAY …. Harry Palmer

  9. Joann Stokman says:

    Thanks Mike, I’m following you like a hawk and sharing as much information as possible, really appreciate your time and effort to bring Australia back from the brink of disaster

    • admin says:

      You ain’t seen nothin’ yet mate. We’ve got some really interesting surprises coming soon. Here’s a clue. When it’s cloudy you’ll get the message! 🙂 — Cheers! Mike

  10. Barry de Haas says:

    Fascinating discussion.
    It doesn’t get clearer than that,and it’s great to see the French have had enough and are headed in the right direction.
    The information on Marine Le Pen is certainly an eye opener and clears up the facts I was not aware of.
    Let’s hope we can get the same enthusiasm in Australia.
    As you say , the apathy in Australia has had a pretty firm hold.
    Australians are not angry enough yet.
    But I must say, after years of trying to explain and make people aware, I received some positive news from members of the 40s to 50s age group just recently that sounded like they are beginning to ask WTF is going on.
    A very positive sign.
    Congrats on a great interview.

  11. Dessie coyles says:


  12. […] Mike Holt conducts this exclusive interview with French yellow vest spokes person Roman Light who explains the RIC (Referendum Initiated by Citizens) movement and French Government positions on the ground in France. Roman further exposes fake myth-information generated by government manipulated mainstream media, something all Australians need to hear with yellow vest rebellion about to explode across Australia or the same reason as the French people are demanding. https://www.australianpatriotradio.com/apradio-exclusive-interview-with-french-yellow-jacket-leader/… […]

    • admin says:

      That is not important it is like saying would the person that lost the wallet we found please for a queue. The reason and the message is important…. Harry

  13. Zeri Ian (my true name, but commonly known as Ian Sganzerla) says:

    All the major political parties have betrayed us, and become couriers and loot mules to carry off our substance to Rothschild & Co. REMEDY: Ban PARTY politics, and if voting, only vote for small minor independents. That would mean elected representatives would have no option except to represent the people instead of their Party political machine and the ties to Rothschild / Rockefeller / IMF / Vatican etc. ….. Me.

    • admin says:

      Ian~ I am pleased to see you are awake to the political scammers in Australian parliaments – You are right with independent vote required to remove the serpent…. Harry

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