APRadio podcast 01-02-2019

Harry comments on Australia now internationally recognised as an expanding corrupt country. He exposes the Greens, their leader’s shady operations, their engineered Murray Darling fish demise program, and how they exterminated all the frogs in a taxpayer-funded  breeding program… Mike Holt this week interviews an expert on the military retirement benefit fund being rorted by government. 

3 Responses to APRadio podcast 01-02-2019

  1. Bruce Howieson says:

    Where do we go to enrol with Herb’s action on DFRDB fraud. Need a website or contact. Thank You

  2. Allan Essery says:

    G’Day Mike,

    Your comments regarding the Australian Constitution made me prick my ears up. I have for some time been poking a stick at Councils (Local Government) which are illegal according to the Australian Constitution. That being so they have no legal right to introduce their shonky by-laws, issue penalty notices nor impose fines and charges.
    I would be interested in your views on this matter.
    In closing, I am also an ex-airforce communicator.

    Allan E

  3. val somerville says:

    If Herb wants people to sign up a website reference would be helpful or even the name of his organisation.

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