APRadio podcast 06-12-2018

Harry opens with a song- “We are dumb …..” – portraying the conga line of pollies who had dual citizenship  – a little gem. Harry and Mike Holt present their weekly “OZ CHAT” program, discussion covers the bushfire bullshit allowing the ratbag greens to continue restricting very serious hazard reduction to reduce out of control fuel in government lands feeding inferno’s and more……

7 Responses to APRadio podcast 06-12-2018

  1. Kim says:

    Has no one noticed the geoengeering of our weather system? For the past six years I’ve seen high altitude planes with great white streams of crap coming out the back crisscrossing the skies above? That is what is causing the “catastrophic” fires here and in Calafornia in recent years. Researchers have done tests on the soil under the trees where these planes have spewed their toxins. Strontium barrium aluminium and more have been found. In my opinion it’s this that is causing the ferocity of these fires. Oh wait…my tinfoil hat is on too tight!

    • Phil says:

      yep we have seen planes on the GC.. The weather is very strange – lingering stange looking clouds but never any rain.. We should all be testing the air and soil..

      • admin says:

        You might have something there Phil, if politicians said it was raining we would all need to look out the window .. Harry

  2. Vic Sturgeon says:

    you didn’t put this up here mike, so here is a copy.


  3. Obie says:

    The Greens are the pancreatic cancer of politics.

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