APRadio podcast 10-01-2019

Harry’s opening song is A tax on the air we Breathe. Harry and Mike start this new year “OZ CHAT” discussion on the Australian YELLOW JACKET public uniting as has occurred in France with that government under people power fighting to exist for ignoring the voice of the people. Mike explains how it seems for once Australians have removed the factions of tiny groups on different tact and now amalgamated one force of Yellow Jackets demanding their voice and country be removed from endemic political manipulation.

8 Responses to APRadio podcast 10-01-2019

  1. Dana says:

    Fantastic thoroughly enjoyed listening.
    Keep up the great work
    Yes interesting times ahead.

  2. Leonard Butterworth says:

    We need our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 reinstated. Remove the illegal 3rd TIER of Govt – Councils are unlawful / illegal terminate. love, Len Butterworth.

    Remove Land Tax.

    • admin says:

      Australia is the most over governed, over taxed, and over loaded with public servant in the world… Lets change that Leonard.. Harry

  3. shane w lewis says:

    great program,as you probably know we are blessed considering grandfather had just had a four year holiday in the trenches exactly one hundred years ago…note google 5G Pro Martin Pall Lecture.

  4. Danni O'Neill says:

    Really enjoyed listening. I am excited to see this level of togetherness growing! A passing thought based on my knowledge of recent legislation that has been sneakily and under-handedly passed granting police extra power to disperse and arrest any Aussie who protests just about anything that the government has enacted, ie the “Nuisance Laws”. I would suggest to everyone who attends any support gathering on Saturday the 19th of January, to all carry smart phones or video cameras and record everything? To use a borrowed expression…Cover Your Asses! With so much power being given/stolen/enacted purely for the benefit of the few, it is surely prudent to protect each other with proof? I point out that given the tendancy for our elected and appointed workers penchant for just changing the truth recorded in historical record (birth certificates), SOME truth must survive us!

    • admin says:

      Well said Danni~~~~~ Good point and yes all should have phones and camera ready for the jackboots of government enforcers empowered to silence the people with concern of the duopoly control …. Harry

  5. Phil says:

    Love your work guys – more strength to you..

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