APRadio podcast 10-09-2018

Harry Palmer comments on Prime Minister Morrison’s move to stop the projected 70 years of age to receive the aged pension when his government condones the  welfare Juggernaut Centrelink employments agencies cash in on the over 40’s inability to obtain full time employment from the academic fiction engineers – Harry also covers the climate change  fiction machine exposed yet again by Viv Forbes. Mike and Harry this week dismantle the Wagga Wagga by-election 29% annihilation of the NSW – LNP by an independent showing the establishment they are under threat from people who have had it with duopoly dictators.  Ben Robert Smith our VC winner had a chat with Mike regarding the unfounded allegation of war crimes out there initiation from the GREEN camp,.. Take note WE do not condone the non payment of fines but let the courts know you are aware they are violating your space …….

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  1. Brad says:

    Hi there, I noticed on this podcast that Mike Holt was talking about Private foundation. Private Foundations – Used primarily to operate your business “in the private” with no tax obligations, its very real, http://www.operateintheprivate.com/

  2. Brad says:

    Private Foundations
    The primary purpose of a private foundation is to fund your personal requirements and to help fund other projects that benefit the “greater good”.
    Private Foundations can be used to operate your business in the private and this entity has no tax obligations. When set up correctly, they are a legally recognised entity by the ATO and have no reporting requirements.
    A foundation can have its own bank account and all income generated in the foundation is non-taxable.
    A Private Foundation is a legal and lawful entity set up by an individual, a family or a group of individuals. They are “not-for-profit (nfp)” “tax-exempt,” “non-government-organisations (ngo’s)” and therefore must be managed slightly differently and much more simply than incorporated company type government organisations (go’s). http://www.operateintheprivate.com/

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