APRadio podcast 14-01-2019

Harry’s opening song is just released We can be mates by Ben Gunn.  Mike Holt interviews Phil J Watt who undertook co-ordinating of Australian Yellow Vest movements into one united organisation to deliver the peoples message to the establishment like no other message has ever been delivered before.

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  1. Adrian lyons says:

    Everyone should have to pay income tax (everyone) and abolish all other taxes there’s to much double and triple dipping

    • admin says:

      Adrian~ In Switzerland there is no income tax, no company tax, just a blanket type of GST on ALL transactions without exception and they provide a pension their elderly can live comfortably on not to mention that countries wealth all on on tax AND IT HAS WORKED FOR DECADES AND DECADES … so simple it ois too difficult for the public servants to Australians to adopt or comprehend ….. Harry

    • Mike Holt says:

      Who appointed you our spokesman? We don’t have to pay any tax at all! In fact, for decades before and after Federation Australians paid no tax. A true Commonwealth of Australia government is able to create as much money as needed without going into debt. How do you think we funded the Snowy Mountain Scheme?

      Please educate yourself before making sweeping statements like this.

      That said, we are preparing to bring in a completely tax-free society after we rid ourselves of the criminal political party corrupt system of government. THAT is the problem…not taxation.

  2. Carol Narracott says:

    Hobart has been left off the map

  3. Dear Gentlepeople;
    I would like to commend you on your very well put together web site. I do wish those in my country would create same. Unfortunately my fellow citizens have been so dumbed down it’s like those of us who know are trying to reach zombies. Ignoring our debt based , and adopting a value based medium of exchange system, will take their power away and return it to the people in who’s hands it rightfully belongs. This can be adopted globally, with no central leadership, this is how the yellow vest movement has spread so fast, 22 countries now – this is what is invaluable about social media. Tomorrow the French target the banks. Should be interesting. Europeans, and everyone else, understands its the banking system itself that must evolve. Only in America – [“The land of the free” ?], are we blinded by our media from any truth, but especially about money. Once again thank you for spreading truth. We keep fighting the good fight until we can all meet on the other side. – In Lak’ech – Love&Peace – David

    • admin says:

      David, Thanks for the great comment you are spot on so many people upset and so few doing anything positive. It all very well being a desk chair keyboard gunna ( Australian for going to do something) and the social media army of noise makers. Get off your arse if you are upset and join the people who count and ram it to the politicians to enjoy the last days of their political life for this time the bullshit bluff is not working and it is goodnight thank you ball boys…. Harry

  4. Annie Mac says:

    It’s about time Aussies stood up against what is happening in our country.England has succumbed..a country that has a history of being a great nation is now on its knees kowtowing to the Muslims and communist.We should learn by that and stand firm against the evil being perpetuated here in Australia.

  5. Brett Moore says:

    Our Government is corrupt. We no longer call ourselves the commonwealth of Australia, we do not put it on our money, we do not even use the correct seals of office. We have allowed the political machine to gain too much power even more so than the High Court of Australia. The corruption is so entrenched that they now blatantly disregard our constitution and very few care. The ones that do are caught out in the anti protester, public place, association laws. We are falling into a corrupt police state whilst our infrastructure and resources are sold off. I myself worked my entire life, two degrees. I got sick and I cant even get on DSP due to Bureaucracy not that DSP would allow me to live independently. The unemployment payments and programs are corrupt and insufficient, whilst we give welfare to the rich and the loud ie the left. The globlists totally own our government and are wrecking out nation in a 100 different ways including bankrupting us for the purpose of having the IMF rule is with Receivership. We send our troops to war zones that have nothing to do with protection or justice.. we are invaders. We are not Aussies anymore.

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