APRadio podcast 16-12-2018

Harry comments on the UN is a corporation, Tasmania removed genda on birth certificates, Australia again being in the dark from summer power outages, Bill Shorten’s push to be king on battery power, Government gives PNG $2BILLION to update their power grids, a joint standing committee convened to investigate Australian electoral cyber fraud that we don’t have. A Christmas from from Australia you will enjoy.¬† Harry and Mike Holt present their weekly “OZ CHAT” program that opens closed doors to government unaccountable corruption and mismanagement of your nation ……

6 Responses to APRadio podcast 16-12-2018

  1. Keith James Courte says:

    How much will the cyber investigation cost us the taxpayer in direct payment to the members and the perks and travel to various areas for fact finding. Will they be going o’seas.

    Can you please find out the total cost

    • admin says:

      Keith thanks for the comment.

      Politicians are skilled from birth how to rort the system never to be accountable. Going on history of those caught and remain unpunished may I suggest spinning a dart board and launch an arrow then multiply that by 2000 and add how many times the earth has revolved since 1940 and you may have a result … Harry

  2. Bill Shorten says:

    Why the phallic picture? Is it a political statement? ūüôā

    • admin says:

      never looked at that as phallic it is a sand pit they play in but be assured I will use it again as I have in the past and thanks for the comment. Bill Shorten, do you also have a height problem as the man who would be king has? …. Harry

  3. mr rothchild says:

    can you post the link to the unite nation article

    • admin says:

      WE certainly can Mr Rothchild from Tammin in Western Australia know the place about 180 klm from Perth and bank.com ….. SERIOUSLY why don’t you and your pathetic clandestine bullshit conduct a search on the internet and find the origin as we did …. Harry

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