APRadio podcast 18-09-2018

Harry Palmer speaks on Port Arthur massacre new information to come – How new Australians once laughed at themselves until political correctness was forced on us by the establishment that stiffled our freedom we enjoyed. Bob Katter divides the House of Reps in parliament over the TTP with his voting power since Turnbull spat the dummy. Harry and Mike Öz Chat”covers very explosive topics exposing again the establishment controls they violate our space with now back imploding on them big time as Australia awakens at last.

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  1. Barry de Haas says:

    In 1672 the Dutch people suffered under a political system similar to what Australia has today.
    Being not quite as civilised compared to today’s society, the had had enough.
    Consequently they took their Prime Minister out in to the street, slaughtered him and ate him.
    Fortunately for the idiot traitors in Australia,civilisation has advanced a lot.
    But the anger remains the same.

    • admin says:

      Barry~ Not sure about a Morrison rump steak myself or breast of Bishop for the menu but to be staked out on an ant hill would be considered …Harry

  2. Keith Courte says:

    Talking of the cost of starting something in Queensland, do you know the cost of licences for taking fish etc in Qld waters the average is about $300.
    I have asked for a licence to start a Sea Urchin fishery that does not exist, I have been told that it is about $6700, could anyone tell me why

    • admin says:

      Keith ~ Nothing in the Queensland parliament duopoly does surprises anyone they have refined corruption to a fine art having removed the Senate from adjudication it is run under Mafia rules….. Harry

  3. Charles Ash says:

    I believe that revolution is very much becoming the first choice for the Australian people, as we are just so sick of the bull that the mainstream goes on with.

    • admin says:

      Charles, I am afraid you may be right,Australia has never had an all out revolution but these grubs in the duopoly dictatorship are without fear until the first shot is fired and there is no retreat as they have already burnt the bridges. It is sad that we in Australia are being forced to the wall and even considering this action. I have seen my share and do not wish to see this in my Australia but when enough is enough then enough is enough….Harry

  4. mukunda: das says:

    Harry, the exact reason why; You are askin a proven private corporation for permission! Read article 928 here; annavonreitz.com

  5. John Bushell says:

    Our Government (both parties), is simply a voice for the New World Order(NWO), the machanism for which is Agenda 21. In Australia, we hold elections, but this is simply a ploy to fool us into believing we still have a democratic choice. Nothing could be further from the truth. Both parties are joined at the hip, with the singular ambition of driving us towards the NWO. The time for attempts at verbal negotiation with our leadership, is fast coming to an end. Australia needs to wake up, and soon.

  6. Fred says:

    I’m interested in any new Port Arthur information that may proceed to legitimate inquiries to get truth and justice for all the victims. Many researchers have convinced me a cover up was planned and implemented.
    Any dissenters or voices for broader scrutiny of facts including calling all staff and visitors on that day to task are ridiculed and humiliated.

    • admin says:

      APR cannot at this stage proffer further information but with technology advancement since the Port Arthur shooting in 1996 plus certain people living with information that government wish to remain hidden we understand will open the John Howard pandors’s box presently sitting on the political ocean floor. Keep tuned in to APR Fred ….. Harry Palmer

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