APRadio podcast 20 August 2018

Harry Palmer introduces a great patriot song you all need to hear. Harry and Mike continue their “OZ-CHAT” weekly program that smarts the eyes of our Establishment masters who do not control this media to the people. They discuss the solitary confinement of Phil Galea in a  Victoria jail held in solitary confinement with no charges laid for speaking against their agenda to dictate. The burning of Christian churches in Australia by Muslims to then erect Mosques, and more …

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  1. Mike is spot on regarding the #VONC http://www.australiaunitedplatform.com/australian-vote-of-no-confidence.html

    None will remove the major parties from government without you the Aussies public voting them out plain and simple truth fact reality and you are all aware of this and continue to do nothing about voting them out..

    To be led by unconstitutional corrupt corporate government is selling yourselves and your children into slavery. Is that what you want?

    One of the most important days in a federal politicians life and on the political calendar is the federal election day. That is the day the “politicians fate their futures, jobs, salaries” are decided by “we the people” and if they have a job in our government.

    My fellow Australians it is your Magna Carta democratic and lawful duty and right to express and exercise “YOUR WILL” which can be expressed in a number of ways and one of those is by entering a confidential democratic and lawful “vote of no confidence” in your government.

  2. Carol Karr says:

    Tried to share the s9n. It was removed. Grhhhhh

  3. Kevin Moore says:

    Jewish Occupied Governments: Australia
    “……………Crucially, Australia and other Western countries are already no longer proper democracies, they are Murdochracies (Big Money buys truth public perception and votes) and Lobbyocracies (Big Money buys politicians, parties, policies, public perception and voters). There needs to be transparency is dealings of foreign countries, foreign corporations and their lobbyists with politicians. In particular, as unsuccessfully advocated by John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, the Zionists need to be registered as agents of a foreign country. Indeed the racist Zionists need to be sidelined from public life as have been like racist such as the Nazis, neo-Nazis, Apartheiders and KKK………….”
    Australian Pro-Zionist PM Turnbull’s Jewish Heritage Means He May Be Ineligible To be An MP
    .Right of Return Law applies to all Jews including Malcolm Turnbull whose mother was Jewish.
    Jump to Law of Return – Israeli nationality law defines the criteria under which a person can be granted citizenship of Israel. It also deals with the Right of Return for Jewish diaspora. In general, Israel’s nationality follows jus sanguinis as the primary mechanism through which a person may obtain citizenship, rather than jus soli.
    Essentially, all Jews everywhere are Israeli citizens by right. … In 1970, Israel took another historic step by granting automatic citizenship not only to Jews, but …
    Jewish politicians in Federal Parliament
    Malcolm Turnbull
    Josh Frydenburg
    Julian Leeser
    Michael Freelander
    Stirling Griff
    Mark Dreyfus
    Michael Danby
    Jason Falinski
    Trent Zimmerman

  4. Barry de Haas says:

    Could you post name of song and artist please?

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