APRadio podcast 21-12-2018

Harry’s Christmas message followed by  a song “Shit happens when good men do nothing”.  Harry and Mike Holt present their weekly “OZ CHAT” program that opens closed doors to government unaccountable corruption and mismanagement of your nation and closing features Frank Gallen and Mal E Bull’s song from 2003, “Over the hill on the dole”  ……

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  1. Keith Courte says:

    Can you please ask the relevant people how come, 4 so called African-Australian youth causing trouble, are not a gang, yet two men in club colors riding a motor bike are a vicious outlaw gang.

    • admin says:

      Do not have the time of day for bike clubs who use the gang term COLORS for uniform. Being on investigations over many years of the Bike Gang morons does not exonerate the true clubs mimicking the gang clubs in dress and terminology. Get a real identity if you don’t want the shit to stick. The street gangs are smart enough to not wear COLORS advertising. The laws are designed by another group of morons who feel isolation by stealth disguises the problem. Very sore point with me Keith.


    Communication is todays world, let’s ensure we give coverage of the truth pertaining to the Private Company ( Commonwealth of Australia ) and try to reinstate our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901.

  3. John Bushell says:

    Australia, now consigned to the paliative care ward, with only one possible outcome, given the quality of leadership.
    I blame the people of this nation, whom, have knowingly, permitted the greatest collection of fraudsters and lunatics to pave the future for our future generations. Giving a loaded gun to an irresponsible child, would be the most suitable analogy. Our choices of Government, now degraded to two choices, being death by hanging, or death by drowing.

    • admin says:

      John you are so right where the buck stops and the choice of government defined as democratic. It is a difficult task to correct when the beneficiary people keep the enemy in office…Harry

  4. TYRA says:

    The laws are designed by another group of morons who feel isolation by stealth disguises the problem

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