APRadio podcast 22-01-2019

Harry’s opening song is A small circle of friends summing up society today attitude of I’m alright Jack stuff you. Our special guest is Michael Clayton from Victoria who will be a regular on APR joining Mike Holt. Michael delivers his comments as a very qualified researcher on an agenda to return Australians to the people stolen by the political monolith now showing cracks in their fortress.¬†

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  1. Jennifer Saunders says:

    I would recommend every Australian to hear APRadio excellent work

    • admin says:

      Thanks form the accolades Jennifer, we also wish the same. Lets get the show on the road to claiming back our Australia from the public servants that removed our voice in our parliament for party politics befitting personal agenda alienated from representing the people…. Harry

  2. Mike Holt says:

    I disagree that you must be humble in court. Look at the example of Wayne Glew! He’s gone into court and accused the judges of TREASON, which is true. If you won’t stand up for your rights then you deserve to lose them.

    Then, Michael, you say if we allow them to railroad us we’ll lose. You can’t have it both ways. I suggest you learn what you are talking about.

    Read this:

    • Mike no judges are rail-roading us, by what we say; they understand that we know the system. It make’s it easier for them to find and excuse to let us off the hook. That’s all they want is our case out of the system as they know we won’t give in to them.

  3. Les Power says:

    My sincere thanks Harry for a wonderful and enlightening show. I am also enthused by the addition of Michael Clayton (who I know & respect) I enjoyed every minute of your podcast.
    I decided approx five years ago, after forming my decision that “unless “someone” does something Fairdinkum, Australia as we know it will cease to exist for all time”. I felt then & feel even more now, that to go from a Country & a People who were almost universally accepted as “the best in the world”. “The Lucky Country” to a place where people are afraid to be alone at night, taxed out of competition, loss of freedom of speech, loss of freedom of association (Vic), our Nation flooded with far too many people, from where we have no idea, their intentions are unclear, selling of ANY asset that in fact is owned 100% by The Australian People, NOT politicians, NOT The Government, OWNED BY THE PEOPLE, teaching our Children the specifics of homosexuality. I could go on as you well know.
    Over the previous 5 Years I looked at going into politics (useless) I looked at getting involved in the media (useless. & potentially dangerous) I looked at minority groups and numerous other activities that I thought might “Save The Country & The People I Love” and approx 2 years ago I came to what I believed then & still believe now is :-
    I outline that in a recent video :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kl0Wuztvxw0
    I would love the opportunity to talk more to you and your Listeners because regrettably, as you quite rightly say “I”m alright Jack stuff you” and in my opinion, we as a Society are so close to that cliff edge from which THERE IS NO RETURN, its scary. I hope in the interests of Australia, we can talk.
    If you wanted more about me you could go to Youtube and type :-
    * The Australian Constitution
    * The Will Of Australians
    * Les Power
    Keep up the great work.
    Kindest regards

    • admin says:

      Les~ You are on the right track. Before we can expect the people to unit, the activist need to lead the way. The reason the establishment do not feel seriously threatened, they know there is no unity that can put them under threat. YET !!!! …Harry

  4. Phil Adams says:

    Nice work guys! Good to hear Michaels voice for a change…..have been a member of his community for quite a few years now, and can vouch that he shares some great resources there.

    Just one small bone of contention though….if you’re going to quote Bible verses, get it right! Money is NOT the root of all evil, but as the good book states, “the LOVE of money is the root of all evil”. We all need our share, but having it doesn’t make us evil. We can do a lot of good with our money when we learn to use it wisely! Heard an interesting quote recently, possibly Mike Maloney but not sure. “Fiat currency is the devils money, Crypto is the people’s money, Gold is Gods money.” I’m saving in God’s money ūüôā

    Stay blessed guys, and keep up the good fight.

    • admin says:

      Phil~ We will never quote from any bible. We may quote a common usage of a quotation. We are in no way religious, we are only involved in factual reality and observe all peoples views, we thank you for yours. APR is proud to have Michael on the team… Harry

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