APRadio podcast-Alan Jones-Harry and Mike 04-06-2018

Harry Palmer- We feature today 2GB Alan Jones broadcast of how wind farms are out of control and government is doing nothing to halt the explosion of massive funding from your money. Harry and Mike discuss our constitution and how it is manipulated by the establishment to maintain total control of all Australians.

If you play by their rules, YOU LOSE

3 Responses to APRadio podcast-Alan Jones-Harry and Mike 04-06-2018

  1. Keith Courte says:

    Asked by the magistrate what I would base my defence ( traffic fine) told him I would rely on the Constitution. He said that I would not get a good reception “IN MY COURT” I asked when had he purchased same. I challenged that he was biased, the establishment changed him next week and they doubled the on the spot fine,even though the ex police photographer said it is a contrived photo. The shadow of trees and my car were straight underneath at the alledged time of 9.00 am

    • admin says:

      Hi Keith ~ Thank you for your comments. The aristocracy in France thought they were a cut above the people then the cut removed the problem. We are now working the same problem who are a self installed aristocracy (Establishment). It is up to we the people to stem that flow and remove the head of the Juggernaut. Thanks for being part of the APR team ……. Harry

  2. freedomman says:

    This really shows you the level of corruption that we the people have allowed to creep in to our system of law and order where its one set of rules for the aristocrat and another set for the rest of us. This is exactly why we the people must stand up and take stock of where we are going and reverse our course before its too late we must get back to constitution based democracy the will of the people not the elites.

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