APRadio podcast July 01 2018

Harry Palmer- We feature in today’s apradio podcast Royal Commission into banks and the 2 page  advertisement by the Commonwealth bank that is unbelievable.  Kangaroo Courts of Australia blogist Shane Dowling publishing how judge  dismisses judicial pedophiles as trivial. Bernard Gaynor ex Army major still battles Gay litigator running against high court ruling. Harry and Mike weekly “Oz Chat” deliver their comments on the establishment dictatorship and a gem on a Senators comments about Sara Hanson-Young’s shagging men.

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  1. gary oraniuk says:

    Last Wednesday, June 27, I went to Parliament house, Melbourne, to make sure that I got an appointment to meet with the Serjeant At Arms of the Victorian Parliament, Vaughan Koops.
    I had phoned the parliament number I had been given, bu got an automated reply, and had not heard back, after an hour and a half or so, and decided to stop by Parliament to see someone in the foyer/front desk to make an appointment and be sure of the fact.
    On the steps of Parliament House, a security set-up was screening immigrant-type people-trays with people’s belongings going through the scanner, etc-but when I went to the Indian Wilson Security lady to ask about seeing someone inside, so that I could make the appointment with the Serjeant At Arms, the alarm bells went up.
    I couldn’t some in, and this lady had to ask her supervisor; the supervisor, a Middle Eastern man, was concerned and alarmed, and had to get the receptionist-who was not the receptionist at all!-who said it was a security concern for me t come in, and that it was a hassle, etc.
    There was a bit more argy-bargy, but I did not go in, in the end, even though they eventually said I could, because I was so disgusted that I, one of the real people of Victoria, was denied entry into my own Parliament, when ring-in immigrants were welcomed with open arms-right in front of my face.

    Best regs


    • admin says:

      Garry~ This is what George Orwell predicted, we allowed this to happen, we now reap the controlled society we endorse at every polling day … Harry

  2. Mike Holt says:

    If you don’t want to sing God Save the Queen, perhaps my song about Australia would make a good anthem for Australia?


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