APRadio podcast June 10 2018

Harry Palmer- We feature in today’s podcast a great Australian poem about Trevor and the plastic chair that will have you in stitches of laughter. New email address – info@australianpatriotradio.com. Harry and Mike discus the disgusting case of Sonia Kruger before the establishment at the behest of vexatious Moslim litigant Sam Ekermawi always looking for the racial angle to bring before the kowtow Appeals Tribunal nest of oxygen thieves.

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  1. freedomman says:

    this whole situation must be brought into the light and laid to bear for all Australians to see we must stand up and reclaim our country and more importantly reclaim and re-establish our constitutional rights.

  2. freedomman says:

    this is why here in Australia we need our own duplicate copy of the second amendment, when government gets too big for its shoes the rights of the people are threatened its the 2nd amendment that protects the rights of the people.

    • admin says:

      Well said freedom, however until the people stop voting for them we are subservient to these self appointed masters….Harry

  3. John Westman says:

    As one who has experience of being in a tribunal I can concur with your comments about them being kangaroo courts.
    At the time I was working as a real estate/business agent and had to sue for the commission. Ultimately, after about 12 months I received payment.
    The very first thing the tribunal did was to try to intimidate me, obviously with the intent that I may have drop the case. Unfortunately, for them I don’t wilt under intimidation. However, it was one catalyst for me to quit the industry.

    I recently had occasion to visit Jerrabomberra, which is a town just to the south of Queanbeyan. To get to Jerrabomberra you have to negotiate a roundabout with its traffic islands. On the traffic islands lay 3 dead kangaroos in various stages of decay and further on, in only a matter of metres lay 3 more dead kangaroos on the side of the road. Some appeared to have been dead for months. Imagine the stench.

    The rationale for leaving the dead roos in situ was that it was natural to let them rot away. Being killed by a motor vehicle, is that natural?

    • admin says:

      John~ I will be broadcasting a full podcast on the NCAT mafia with names and case history all on contaminated evidence resting with no accountability by members, staff, and the attorney general non action policy it now requires serious attention with heads rolling from the top down….Harry

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