APRadio update interview with Dick Yardley and Mike Holt

Harry Palmer joins Mike Holt and Dick Yardley well known respected researcher in relation to the validity of true de-jure governments of Australia and their foreign quasi political parliament and government right under your noses removing your freedom, land rights and judicial common law. The team review our last podcast with Dick Yardley covering how today political hold by the establishment has on your life and how they engineer this control of we the people. This is a three part podcast all Australians need to hear.

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  1. Another problem is that:

    The current Governor-General is of a faith that conflicts with the faith of Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second (the Crown)the Lawful Sovereign of the Commonwealth of Australia, and the defender of the faith.

    • admin says:

      You are spot on Kenneth – establishment protect their power base at any cost tooling up with collusion and corruption at every turn…..Harry

  2. John Wilson says:

    Dear Harry, Dick and Mike,
    The characters to blame for our problems are the schemers who prevented the setting up of the infra-structure for our Commonwealth in 1901 and continue to do so, today. Instead of creating a Constitution for the operation of an independent and self-governing nation, they continued as if nothing had changed to keep their rorts going and denying ordinary people sovereignty and land rights. It’s all about power and wealth. They were and are evil. The 4 Boxes in Defence of Liberty very pertinent and we need to learn the lessons of history. I am happy to explain how we must defeat the thieves and traitors.
    Yours sincerely,
    John Wilson.

    • mark hines says:

      People that swing a false Sword can also perish under a the real Sword (LAW)

      Published on May 24, 2017
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      Mark …..PLEASEEEEE …. This area is for a few paragraphs of comments not a 24 page document sent us an email to review a publication …. Harry

  3. mark hines says:

    Open Letter to the Chair of the Australian Senate

    Published on May 12, 2018
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    Mark Hines
    Mark Hines
    Commonwealth Public Official: Safety Professional

    AGAIN Mark ….. a story length not a comment please refrain from blocking our comment area no one can read….Harry

    • admin says:

      Mark~~ comments is not where you post 24 page documents that block our system we are a podcast site not a blog please refrain in future to a few paragraphs of comment …. Harry

  4. John Milburn says:

    Dear Harry, Dick and Mike,
    Here is the link to “Remember Kim Beasley saying (1) (Kim Beasley in federal parliament “the United Nations has given the federal government a mandate of ownership for housing, property, farms and business to government control once the republic has been proclaimed”-as mentioned in your podcast. https://www.facebook.com/CLRA.AUSTRALIA/posts/1495728227113955
    With ya!

  5. Graeme says:

    G’day Hary, Dick and Mike.

    Great idea to occupy the old Parliament House.

    The Lawful remedy is a Grand Jury [Our High Court]. This Jury is granted by Magna Carta and the Imperial Acts Application Act. No Lawyers are allowed to represent in this Court.

    We have no need for their approval. They work for us, if they do not then they have admitted liability.

    23 Jurors under common law. Pennsylvania did it.

    Power and authority is vested in the People.

    When we vote we are granting surety to the all capitals name held on their corporate files. They check off your name and the witness to that contract is the AEC or ECQ person checking off the roll.

    In Courts they are dealing with trusts [all capitals] not men or women.

    With Local Government “Rates” they are applying private rules and regulations, the Copyright property Logo of the State of Queensland. Last page of all Legislation. Check it out. If you are not holding any liability to their private business then you are not liable.

    Mike, they have authority over the name in all capitals. They created it and when you respond to that name you have just proclaimed to be that “Person” and granted surety as trustee.

    Regarding Courts [Admiralty, Mercantile],perhaps why even enter their ship in the first place!

    There is also remedy within the UNIDROIT Treaty of Rome that Whitlam signed [their system], under Grounds for avoidance Article 3.2.5 [fraud][language]when they address mail in all caps, up to 3.2.13 when filing a Notice of avoidance.

    Surely we have enough good men and woman to form such a Court of Common law [Grand Jury] to trial these despots for treason. We need to single out a high profile man like Robert Lee Hawke for questioning.

    This is longer than I had anticipated. Sent in good faith.

    • admin says:

      Unfortunately the entrenched party faithful syndrome is still alive and very well that keep the two party system alive. We are seeing a growth of disillusion of that turning away but have no serious alternative other than false flag waving from such as Clive Palmer and Pauline Hanson who have proven their political ambitions far exceed their projected policies baiting voters we have the ALP and GREENS army of voting public servants opposed to the conservatives, making legislation and misguiding parliament without consequence. Transition to our voice back in parliament will be difficult but large cracks are now showing in the establishment stranglehold …..Harry

  6. R Davis says:

    There are federal & state laws against treason in Australia.
    The federal law defining treason in Australia is provided under section 80.1 of the Criminal Code, contained in the schedule of the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act 1995 – it defines treason as follows.
    A person committing an offence called treason-if the person…..
    (e) engages in conduct that assists by any means whatever, with the intent to assist an enemy …

    I need to look up weather TREASON applies to a Government – state of federal deliberately causing damage to the fabric of Australia’s existence – either financially or legitimately in good faith. )

    Citizens Arrest:-
    A person who is NOT a police officer may, without warrant, arrest another person if he or she believes on reasonable grounds that the other person is committing or has just committed an offence.

    We the people of Australia – if we have just cause – can instigate a citizens arrest ( here I would cause that a delegation of concerned Australian citizens participate in such an arrest )

    The arrest being a legally binding act – MUST be followed through with by POLICE & if FOUND TO BE JUST CAUSE – DULY PROCESSED BY THE COURTS OF AUSTRALIA.

    We have the power gentlemen !!

    • admin says:

      Thank you for the comment. The ALP removed any instance of treason being brought against the DUOPOLY governments by the Duchess of Corruption Gillard to protect herself and fellow conspirators from prosecution plus …… any threat to the power base of that DUOPOLY by the people is defended by legislate to dictate policy. Let keep the pressure going for the walls of the establishment are starting to crumble …. Harry

    • Graeme says:

      A common word, misused is “Citizen”. Believed to be derived from “Denizen”.

      While we continue to believe that we are Citizens, we are doomed.

      If you were born on the land mass known as Australia then you are a “National” not a “Citizen”.

      By definition a Citizen has taken the oath of allegiance as a foreigner to respect Government rules whereas a “National” has no need to take such an oath.

      In regard to a Government committing “Treason” one must realize that only men and women can commit treason, not Governments, they are inanimate. [Fact]

  7. Leon says:

    Cannot play interview 23/10/2018

    • admin says:

      We are working on this problem that has occurred since we updated the security of the site hope to have it solved today … Harry

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