Newsflash – WA police jail CPO without judgement

EWA Police BadgeRichard Swift,is a CPO (Commonwealth Public Official) has been arrested under NO CHARGES in Western Australia and is being held in the orientation unit Hakea Prison as Mike explains the situation on this podcast.

Time to put the pressure on this unaccountable WA government endemic corrupt system and phone the prison (08) 93666333, introduce yourself  – “I am a human rights observer seeking a wellness check on Richard Swift being held under duress”. Lets flood the prison with calls of concern and get Richard out.

9 Responses to Newsflash – WA police jail CPO without judgement

  1. Benny says:

    apparently he’s been released??
    please contact me


  2. Ian. Quick says:

    Did you. Know about that prisontype building near railway at Robina. It was built during peter Beattiy’s time.
    Could have been intended to put unwanted’ behind bars

    • Mike Holt says:

      Ian, I went out to see for myself way back a few years ago. It’s not a prison-type building at all. It’s just a railway work yard.

      The bloke who made the video was making stuff up.

  3. Victor Bargery says:

    Hang on whilst I hear and agree with some things you pursue but if we all take Richards stance then we would be living in a state of anarchy if we wish to live and enjoy our life in Australia then we have to abide by some laws. He has outstanding fines ???????????

    • admin says:

      I hear what you say Victor, but this is an illegal system issuing fines for unconstitutional generated laws being enforced on the people … He has now been released from police induced incarceration and a MASSIVE public outcry they could not deal with LEGALLY ….. Harry

    • Mike Holt says:

      He had no fines. The police just made up a story to justify their unlawful abduction.

  4. Joe says:

    Not Only do they have the 666 in the number but you probably missed the Upside Down Star of Baphomet in the Police Symbol cleverly disguised by the blue disc in the centre. Kind of tells you who’s in charge!

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