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APRadio podcast 01-02-2019

Harry comments on Australia now internationally recognised as an expanding corrupt country. He exposes the Greens, their leader’s shady operations, their engineered Murray Darling fish demise program, and how they exterminated all the frogs in a taxpayer-funded  breeding program… Mike

APRadio podcast 27-01-2019

Harry acknowledges our rapid growth of subscribers – Reviews the Australia Day Honour’s, all 1,200 of them. You can view the list online and you could be forgiven for your raucous laughter when you study the majority of recipients –

APRadio podcast 23-01-2019

Harry introduces long time activist and private investigator Brumbyy (with2 y’s) being a founder of SOSNEWS started in 2001 a first ‘In Your Face” internet sites taking on the government without fear. Brumbyy is reporting his finding from an investigation

APRadio podcast 22-01-2019

Harry’s opening song is A small circle of friends summing up society today attitude of I’m alright Jack stuff you. Our special guest is Michael Clayton from Victoria who will be a regular on APR joining Mike Holt. Michael delivers

APRadio podcast 14-01-2019

Harry’s opening song is just released We can be mates by Ben Gunn.  Mike Holt interviews Phil J Watt who undertook co-ordinating of Australian Yellow Vest movements into one united organisation to deliver the peoples message to the establishment like

APRadio podcast 10-01-2019

Harry’s opening song is A tax on the air we Breathe. Harry and Mike start this new year “OZ CHAT” discussion on the Australian YELLOW JACKET public uniting as has occurred in France with that government under people power fighting

APRadio exclusive interview with French yellow jacket leader

Mike Holt conducts this exclusive interview with French yellow vest spokes person Roman Light who explains the RIC (Referendum Initiated by Citizens) movement and French Government positions on the ground in France. Roman further exposes fake myth-information generated by government

APRadio podcast 21-12-2018

Harry’s Christmas message followed by  a song “Shit happens when good men do nothing”.  Harry and Mike Holt present their weekly “OZ CHAT” program that opens closed doors to government unaccountable corruption and mismanagement of your nation and closing features

APRadio podcast 16-12-2018

Harry comments on the UN is a corporation, Tasmania removed genda on birth certificates, Australia again being in the dark from summer power outages, Bill Shorten’s push to be king on battery power, Government gives PNG $2BILLION to update their

APRadio podcast 06-12-2018

Harry opens with a song- “We are dumb …..” – portraying the conga line of pollies who had dual citizenship  – a little gem. Harry and Mike Holt present their weekly “OZ CHAT” program, discussion covers the bushfire bullshit allowing

APRadio podcast 22-11-2018

Harry opens with a song- “True Blue Australia Mate” – who sang this is unknown but  you need to hear it. Harry and Mike Holt present their weekly “OZ CHAT” program, this week revealing a new political party has stolen

APRadio podcast 16-11-2018

Harry and Mike Holt present their weekly “OZ CHAT” program, this week exposing the overkill of Australian Federal security agencies numbering 20 providing spooks under the bed to our 24 million people far exceeding anything like this in the USA.

APRadio podcast 08-11-2018

Harry Palmer invites people to participate in APRadio with comments and interviews then introduces a rare Slim Dusty protest song. Harry and Mike Holt present their weekly “OZ CHAT” program where they deliver killer blows to the establishment bulldust pile

APRadio podcast 29-10-2018

Harry Palmer comments on communication encryption laws to be introduced by government opening the gate for politicians to infiltrate commercial and private information under the facade of anti terrorist operations. Mike Holt interviews one of the few women, Amy-Rose, involved

APRadio podcast 25-10-2018

This APRadio podcast with Harry Palmer and Mike Holt is a review of street interviews conducted by Mike on the sunshine coast in Queensland. He asked the question of what people thought of our government with different opinions but ALL

APRadio podcast 04-10-2018

Harry Palmer reveals media false flagging Donald Trump does not distract from his business attributes to those of Obama extravagance. The alphabet people exposed agenda supported by government enforcers. “OZ-CHAT” with Harry and Mike Holt introduce a guest Santa Clause

APRadio update interview with Dick Yardley and Mike Holt

Harry Palmer joins Mike Holt and Dick Yardley well known respected researcher in relation to the validity of true de-jure governments of Australia and their foreign quasi political parliament and government right under your noses removing your freedom, land rights

APRadio update interview with Dick Yardley and Mike Holt

Harry Palmer joins Mike Holt and Dick Yardley well known respected researcher in relation to the validity of true de-jure governments of Australia and their foreign quasi political parliament and government right under your noses removing your freedom, land rights

APRadio podcast 18-09-2018

Harry Palmer speaks on Port Arthur massacre new information to come – How new Australians once laughed at themselves until political correctness was forced on us by the establishment that stiffled our freedom we enjoyed. Bob Katter divides the House

APRadio podcast 05 September 2018

Harry Palmer discusses where Australia is with USA security agencies with our conga line procession of Prime Ministers plus, how the encryption games have now begun. Harry and Mike weekly  ÖZ CHAT”covers the power of courts being removed from under

Newsflash – WA police jail CPO without judgement

Richard Swift,is a CPO (Commonwealth Public Official) has been arrested under NO CHARGES in Western Australia and is being held in the orientation unit Hakea Prison as Mike explains the situation on this podcast. Time to put the pressure on

APRadio podcast 20 August 2018

Harry Palmer introduces a great patriot song you all need to hear. Harry and Mike continue their “OZ-CHAT” weekly program that smarts the eyes of our Establishment masters who do not control this media to the people. They discuss the solitary

APRadio podcast 18 August 2018

Harry introduces Len McGuire a contributing journalist for years with Harry on SOSNEWS now part of the APRadio team. Len discusses the ABC Islam agenda in north Queensland, the sweeping move of QLD voters away from the duopoly gathering momentum

APRadio podcast 14 August 2018

Harry Palmer- Features in today’s APRadio podcast the China takeover of our now gone manufacturing, expertise in industry and now take our money to purchase the food and goods we once manufactured.. Harry and Mike discuss the Turnbull $444million to

Rod Culleton update interview July 30

Harry Palmer- I had this exclusive interview with our Senator in Exile Rod Culleton giving another update to his challenge of the senate president and attorney general orchestrating his removal from the senate on politically motivated agenda misinformation. Rod now

APRadio podcast 17 July 2018

Harry Palmer- Features in today’s APRadio podcast the upheaval with Mark Latham exposing Labor party crooks and criminal dealings sending Shorten into a tail spin with the by-elections just 2 weeks out. Do you know about the Fixated Threat Assessment

APRadio podcast 12 July 2018

Harry Palmer- We feature in today’s APRadio podcast the great work being done by the Volunteer Fire Fighter Association in bringing the voice of those yellow angles who are the backbone of bushfire control who have had enough of the

APRadio podcast July 01 2018

Harry Palmer- We feature in today’s apradio podcast Royal Commission into banks and the 2 page  advertisement by the Commonwealth bank that is unbelievable.  Kangaroo Courts of Australia blogist Shane Dowling publishing how judge  dismisses judicial pedophiles as trivial. Bernard

Senator Rod Culleton exclusive update interview regarding his High Court action

Harry Palmer- chats with Senator Rod Culleton who updates his High Court proceedings against the Senators unconstitutional removal from the Australian Senate to suit political agenda. This now is about to bite the establishment hard on the backside. Armed with

APRadio Podcast 20-05-2018

Harry Palmer speaks on London now a leader in the islamic faith erecting mosques on historic Christian church sites as christian’s abandon their faith. Australian “bushtucker man” working with the Australian Army training Chinese troops how to survive on our

Harry and Mike Podcast 13-05-2018

Harry Palmer and Mike Holt -“Oz Chat” discuss the government of Queensland vegetation act passed last week without serious consultation other to meet their political agenda with Greens environment fiction engineering and shutting down rural Queensland now clears the path

Harry & Mike Podcast 24 April 2018

Harry Palmer chats with Mike Holt on the establishment control of the electoral system and how this can be terminated at the next poling day. Remove the problem by not voting for them. These political masters remain in control of

Exclusive APR interview with removed Senator Rod Culleton and our Harry Palmer

Harry Palmer speaks candidly with controversial removed Senator Rodney Culleton about his rise, fall and pending resurection in the Australian parliament. How he placed the Senate and High Court squarely behind their created hurdles thought to silence this patriot independent

March 31 2018 Podcast

Harry Palmer presents… the greens are gone! …. A revision of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, a manual developed by the establishment world to control we the people. Riveting reading with a video located in the INFORMATION tab on the

March 24 Podcast – Harry & Mike “Oz Chat”

Harry Palmer and Mike Holt Harry touches on the recent devastating bushfires at Tathra NSW and how the out of control empire builders of emergency services turf wars take precedent over what they are set in place to do under

February 12 Podcast – Harry and Mike

Harry and Mike present their “Oz Chat” weekly segment discussing The Spy Network of Australia covering from Echelon back in 1990’s to pine gap and the fiasco we uncover on a regular basis involving the spooks and the clown princes

“Oz Talk” with Harry and Mike

Harry and Mike Holt first of their weekly series “Os Talk” today expose how Queensland premier Wayne Goss and his henchman Kevin Rudd removed the peoples voice and rights by an act of parliament allowing them to alter the Queensland