In 2001 Mal Davies, a computer scientist and forensic investigator, established “Save Our Snowy” website www.sosnews.org to assist the high country farmers in NSW and Victoria. Being early days of internet interaction the farmers chose to use traditional communication and newspaper coverage. The sale of Snowy Hydro being halted was a major achievement by sosnews back then and established an extensive subscriber data base of over 80,000 outside of the Snowy.

Australian Patriot Radio was created by Harry Palmer a computer engineer and forensic investigator who has taken over the reins of sosnews and APR. The format delivers a voice of the people to the people that the establishment cannot engage with their renowned  spin-doctors and manipulation of Australian media to suit their agenda.

As we expand from podcasting you will see introduction of  live broadcast streaming, chat room, and a social media (facebook) site.

To be effective, to rattle the establishment pillars,  it requires you the people to get the message out far and wide. Sent APR broadcasts/podcasts to everyone you know to contribute to the removal of this duopoly political party dictatorship and reinstate your voice back in your parliament.

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