APRadio election issue podcast 07-05-2019

Harry and Mike discuss One Nation’s candidate Steve Dixon being removed from the party over strip club night out has now backfired big time.  Recorded history of convicted crooks in parliament is covered. How to vote and test the AEC provided practice voting forms online so you know the ropes on polling day. Rod Culleton facebook page taken down shows his threatening the duopoly. Duopoly thugs on the march removing non-party voting signs, jamming meetings, and the people now have had enough … and more.


13 Replies to “APRadio election issue podcast 07-05-2019”

  1. Gary Oraniuk

    Culleton’s page being taken down equals electoral interference=criminal charge.
    I also have a problem with early voting, though I am told not many people do vote early.
    If new information-like what you guys are saying-comes to light, people who voted early
    do not have the ability to change their vote.
    This election should be halted until all these matters are rectified-that is, if I am correct.

    And when you received your Classical Education, Mike, you were taught that Carbon is the
    building block of life!!!



    • Laona

      This election should’ve been stopped and had motion 163 dealt with as well as London with the Privy Council and the house of lords.

      Instead they’re already at it. The AEC referring Senator onto the AFP.. and If they dig correctly, they will find Senator is not a bankrupt and indeed it was a political witch hunt, cause the parliament are scared at what Senator brings

  2. Ron

    Hi Harry, It must be time to notify Aussies that we no longer have an Australian Commonwealth but from 1973 under “G Whitless” an ” Australian Government LTD”. A corporation registered in New York who are unable to make laws ; so Pass Statutes for sheeple to follow!.
    For those interested go to http://www.annavonreitz.com and find out HOW< WHEN< and WHO is responsible for placing us in this position as with all western civilizations also find out How to escape this situation, and find our freedom.

  3. Keith Courte

    Can you find out who paid the bill for the four year undercover work to get Steve Dickson and the One Nation

  4. Peter

    The Great Australian Party webpage was only down due to a major rebuild and redesign of the website which is now completed.

  5. Annie Mac

    How much dirtier can they play!

    I’m an oldie and spend many  hours of  the day reading the Web.

    Plain and simple…The NWO and UN are behind every bad thing happening in Oz…the farmers being attacked, our  industries going overseas,  the dumbing down of the population using tv, the indoctrination of our children, the loss of freedom of speech,the denigration of Christianity, the huge rise  in energy costs, the abolition of coal usage, the huge influx of Muslims who will  not assimilate……I could go on and on. 

      It is all in the Agenda 21/30, their manifesto.They aim to bring  to 3rd world level and   control us under global sovereignty.

    So many people are asking on social media, “Why is this  happening?” I try to   tell   them as I have in this email but the word needs to be spread far and wide.Read agenda 21/30 then go to Grumpy Denier to see what it a means.

    • Obie

      Vote 1 Fraser Anning, the leader of the Conservative National Party (not to be confused with the National Party, which is a different party altogether). If you must give a preference to Labour on your green ballot paper, give it your last preference. Shorten plans to “enrich” our country with even more people from the third world.

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