APRadio podcast 05 September 2018

Harry Palmer discusses where Australia is with USA security agencies with our conga line procession of Prime Ministers plus, how the encryption games have now begun. Harry and Mike weekly  ÖZ CHAT”covers the power of courts being removed from under their false flag by submission of a “Lawful Affidavit” showing the requirements of our court system being abused by government and judicial alike.

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  1. rick-swift. says:

    “Greeting” harry and your listeners. Keep up the good work harry and Mickael. I wish to thank all the men and women that rang the Hakea Prison for a welfare check for the man rick:swift, it made a big difference and I have been told it was all planed, and I believe they have more planed for myself. The Fines Enforcement posted a letter that stated I was to pay $14000 for unpaid fines. I emailed them stating: I am the man rick and I am willing to settle this account that is in dispute, as is I require the invoice for this account that is in dispute. They failed to respond and I was arrested on 23 warrants of commitment, for the unpaid fines that have been discharged correctly pursuant to the bills of exchange acts 1982 1909 1995 and the international bills of exchange acts. This started by being stopped by the wa police going to work in my sons car. My sons car is registered of the regulating. I was placed in hand cuffs, I have not told I was under arrest. I asked am l under arrest, no answer from the policy Enforcer, I read my rights 2 times: I have the right to remain silent anything I say can and will be used as evidence against me. I was taken to the Perth Watch House and I meditated 6/7 hours, longest time I have ever meditated. Thank WA Police and the Masons.for that. I was abducted and place at Hakea Prison. I had a cell to myself for a day and they but a man that talked non stop. I time him 24 second was the longest time he stopped talking. I was locked up for 5 days and on the last day I spoke on the affidavit and the affidavit process to cell mates and was promptly removed to sit in on a Health lecture that only lasted for 10/15 min and a prison officer came to get me from the lecture and said is there a Mr Swift here, I state that will be me and she stated your free to go. The young woman took me back to the battery-cell to collect my stuff and she stated: how swift is swift going to be to swiftly leave. I state ahhhhh as swift as I can be! I play with the s/word\s and that was cool what she spoke. It was like they looked at the scribble I script. They let me out and the five star prison officer at the desk that was aggressive at the front desk, come out for a smoke and walked across the crosswalk and was looking at me. So I went over to him, with the knowing he is a Mason and said can I speak with you mate. He a-greed. You lock people up in a cell right. He says, yaaaaar. A cell is a battery cell is it not. He laughed and laughed. When he stops, I speak you lock people up in the battery cell for a charge Ye? He laughs, and all charges are store at the battery banks Ye? He laught and when he stops, this all starts from the current from the See, what guides the current from the see on to the land is the river banks, he laughs, so watt/what pass between the bank is the current from the See, the currency. He laughs, but that is just the coin—-cidence mate. This is a long storey kept sort. The prison phones where blocked by many men and women ringing them. Big big thanks to the australian people and big big thank to harry and Michael Holt and the Minster Lee and Kimberly for doing that for me.

    • admin says:

      Hi Rick ~ We are so pleased you pout of the slammer in the state of festering corruption and violations of civil rights. Australia is waking fast to the establishment enforces and dictatorial duopoly governments and WA is and always has been a hell hole in a great part of Australia. Keep in touch with us here at APR as you have shone a light on the shit filter that is ready to be cleaned out … Harry

  2. Chris of Masters says:

    I’ll never accept any COURT summons (invitations to visit their place of business). I’ll also can’t ‘appear’ since any good dictionary tells us that to appear means to materialize from the thin air.

    Any document written in gloss (dog Latin) is fraudulent and will be disqualified.

    They know it, but rely on peoples ignorance which works for them most of the time.

    I’ll also send the summons back because I don’t want to incriminate myself by admitting to the name on it.

    I’ll mark it with a requirement of chapter 3 court of records 9 (common law court) as a condition of my visit.

    Bear in mind I’m ‘certified’ godly man of gender, and no entity would send me any presentments other that the name written as a common law appelation.

    So I won’t be bothered.

  3. admin says:

    Mike Holt here mate. As you fight for your rights Rick, you fight for the rights of all. More people today are realizing we are led by a corrupt and unlawful political party system of fake government, enforced by their police thugs backed up by an increasingly sissified military. What a disgrace!

    As ex-servicemen ourselves, Harry and I are disgusted at the way the political party government treats the ADF these days.

    But change is coming. We are already seeing successes in the star chamber courts around the country as magistrates are served with notices that demand they show proof of their authority under the Crown…as required by our Constitution Act 1900. As they cannot, they are forced to flee the courtroom or face treason charges. They know exactly what they are involved in. We are starting to make them quiver in fright!

    Keep up the good work mate. You are not alone. And we are glad that we were able in our own small way to help get you out of their clutches.

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