APRadio podcast 14-04-2019

Harry comments on the election,news and plays Slim Dusty’s “Your countries been sold” – “OZ-CHAT” with Harry and Mike covers Julian Assange arrest, the election, peoples rights, plus more

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  1. Keith

    You sounded suprised at the cost of birth certificates. Of course the Corporation is going to charge and the tragedy is that most people don’t realise that the birth certificate is their corporate certificate of slavery!

  2. Ted Edwards

    Your suggestion of getting Fraser Anning on is right on the money . The silent majority of Aussies must in fact, if properly and truthfully reported, be of the same views he espouses about rampant uninvited immigration, and the fact that Aussies have never had a say in this, and, the threats contained in the Quoran. Spinechilling stuff. Fraser might also have something to say about 75% of our fish being imported and the fact that from 1973 Ian Sinclair smashed the abalone industry right around Australia by taking control of licensing, refusing to issue abalone licenses provided for in the Federal abalone legislation, introducing a jail sentence for anyone caught taking abalone other that within three miles of the Australian coastline, and wasting a resource worth hundreds of millions of dollars thereafter for more than over twenty years thereafter. . Court proceedings have exposed the unlawful scams pursued thereafter. I welcome any discussion with you to get this into the public arena as the authorities refuse to deal with it.

  3. Joel Wuttke

    We only got “food” when the “wogs” came to our country. What a change from 3 veg and chops, to all the wonderfull food that not only my wife but all of the immigrants brought to us. Thank you.

    • admin

      Joel, I appreciate your email concerning you being the salt of the earth immigrants in the 1950’s who help build this nation, going through the hoops to become and Australian and yes both we and them referred to them as WOGS, a term of national endearment. Now I may have the thought police on my case here Joel for mentioning wogs and be dragged away to be dealt with by the anti- discrimination nuts. But be careful you may also be charged referring to yourself as a wog mate. So after your families efforts with building this country, we now have the duopoly sanctioned unveted thousands of immigrants hell bent on destroying the place ably assisted with government/judicial blessing… how do you feel about that Joel?.. I know how I feel mate….Harry

  4. Caroline

    Your view that first past the post makes for democracy is entirely wrong. First past the post will always ensure a major party gets in and robs smaller parties of any hope. It can also have disastrous results if there are several parties with similar views and one outlandish party with very little support as in Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler rose to power with 38% of the vote because they had a first past the post system. Had they had a preferential system he would never have got through. The 62% of people who didn’t vote for him were split up in the first choice, but united in the fact they would have put him last if given a preference. Preferential voting allows voters to choose not only whom they want most, but also whom they want least. It is by far the fairest system of voting and safeguards democracy.

    • admin

      Thank you for your comment Caroline that is why we are here to express views.

      29th and 20th March 1901 was the first poll for Australians who qualified to vote by holding a minimum figure of financial assets. The Edward Barton Protectionist Party won but held a minority government. Billy Hughes was prime minister of the Nationalist Party formed in 1917 from a merger with the conservative Commonwealth Liberal Party and the National Labor Party

      1918 October by-election held in WA seat of Swan, Labor polled 34.4% of the vote and won because remaining votes were split between Nationalist Party and Country Party. Hughes government introduced preferential to stop delivering seats to Labor.

      UK, USA and Europe (excluding Belgium) are but a few who do not have preferential or compulsory voting exists only in 22 countries of which 85% are dictatorship countries.

      Hitler did not win power first past the post he was forced into coalition with the German National peoples Party. To assume the 65% would have preferences against Hitler is fictional, but consideration to his 38% of the vote result, some 50,000 members of the Stahlhelm (the armed branch of the German National People Party used at gathering as security guards) in Prussia were ordered to monitor the votes by acting interior minister Herman Goring

      After 100 years nothing has changed to stifle any challenge to the establishment maintaining power. Do you really think we have a true democratic parliament under their electoral system maintaining subservience from agenda driven engineered legislation? ……Harry

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