APRadio- Podcast 19-01-2020

Harry and Mike are joined by investigative journalist Robert Lee discussing Queensland Labor gearing to legislate Child Sexual Offenses Reform intended to control the people but will destroy the establishment. Further they intend to lock up the rivers to environment halting water harvesting to reduce drought destruction in Queensland …

Read the proposed amendment bill: https://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/documents/tableOffice/TabledPapers/2019/5619T2149.pdf

LINKS to Mike’s websites:
My Will: https://mywillaustralia.com/
Steps to fight Fines: https://advance-australia.com.au/product/steps-to-fight-fines/
Dick Yardley’s book: https://advance-australia.com.au/product/buy-dick-yardleys-book/
CIRNow information: https://www.cirnow.com.au/
The Bloody Aussie Battler: https://thebloodyaussiebattler.com/

21 Replies to “APRadio- Podcast 19-01-2020”

  1. Karen

    Mike could you please send this link to the commercial fishing page and also send it to Karen Brewer. Too dumb to work out how to do this 🤦‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️.

  2. John Schroeder

    With the water program, what is the alternative proposals ? Considering that Bradfield scheme has never been implemented? I believe as most of this, in particular when you put water together with environmental legislation, there is another motive in the making.
    With the proposed legislation relating to Sexual Offences , reforms I haven’t read this yet, on face value it would appear a headline policy, loosely written not well thought out. When one considers the implications that those who administer these so called laws, are compromised or in possession of knowledge that would make enforcement and exposure as the equivalent of self harm. What has been happening overseas with so called reform legislation, is to victimize, discredit whistleblowers, actual victims , as to honesty or as credible witness based on behaviours, when one considers many traumatized victims do acquire habits of substance abuse and crime, so as a rule of thumb , I would have a great deal of suspicion as to how this legislation is to be interpreted. As was discussed the legislation has the ability to rattle some cages, in many areas and very powerful interests who will not want any focus on , shall we say on controversial issues.
    Witches and coverns, Satanism cults, this a worldwide practice, Fiona Barnett is one tough individual, who has seen it all, legal actions , well wouldn’t that open a can of worms? It is becoming clear that these people in reality have no fear, so established is the process, the cover ups blatant to see, isolating voices , writing books , tell all cliams even to naming names in many cases doesn’t even raise a ripple, so well managed the programming, suppression, of information and a monolithic establishment purpose built to protect it, as we see here with the files and any investigations on pedophile activities closed over 80 cases, tells it’s own story!! Fiona Barnett needs to keep yelling as this is her protection. The Criminals that call themselves government the cracks are opening , what is unfortunate their actions are traumatizing people with fire now bizarre rain events, it should be clear to all , that those who claim to be in charge , are not!!

    • Brett

      It will still be VOID regardless of what Queen is used to validate/pass the Royal Assent because it will only have been scrutinized and passed through only One House of Parliament where it is an established principle of English law, that two Houses of Parliament ”ARE REQUIRED” to pass Bills into law. As we all know, they the QLD Parliament are operating One House of Parliament in contravention with Sect 106 and 128 of the Commonwealth Constitution. I.E. Sect 106 requires the States Constitutions ”SHALL” be subject to the Commonwealth Constitution, and QLD couldn’t alter their State Constitution to operate One House of Parliament, the people already said ”NO” via a Referendum in the year 1919, but they went ahead and did it anyway, in direct contravention with Sect 128 of the Commonwealth Constitution. Then in 1934 they entrenched the abolition of the Legislative Council. In other words, alleging we cannot re-establish an upper house without a Referendum. “We know they could not abolish the Upper House in the first place without a Referendum.” Now have a read of this, these criminals assume that the Upper House is not up for discussion, none of these political criminals as far back as 1919 and 1934, had the power and authority to abolish the Upper house in the first place as we know. based on the above Constitutional constraints: https://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/documents/Committees/FAC/2015/I4-Intro4yearterms/I4-trns-PF30Sept2015.pdf#search=%22upper%20house%22

    • admin

      Thanks Nick – Those are the notes we used recording the podcast which Mike posted after the podcast was published that’s the way it is sometimes with one person work force … Harry

  3. Victoria

    Would you email me your contact info as I would like to propose an idea to reach out to citizens who are interested in learning what our constitution is and how it protects us?
    I have written to Wayne Glew to request info on purchasing a hard cover copy. I simply cannot remain silent.
    Best regards Mike,
    Victoria Docherty

    • admin

      Jared~ We must assume you have evidence to support your claim? – – Considering the plethora of available defamation published in her book yet we see no defense action heading to court. If you need to be involved hunting fraud research look to the climate change taxpayer funded empire duping people as did the Y2K that raked in $BILLIONS a fraud prediction of a total collapse of all computers in the world when date changed to 2000. Same horseshit same gullible public … Harry

      • Jared Casno

        Lol..thats a response? Duh..climate change is bs..lol boomers always think they know better…your loss…i provided you a link to an indicting and well presented paper showing Fiona is actually a dangerous fraud…wake up…yibbida yibbibda lol

        • admin

          The link you supplied I visited has no identity of author, a video dead link, admits being removed from facebook and plethora of unsubstantiated drivel from unknown sources. WOW well presented paper more like a Walt Disney production Jared. Apart from being an arrogant failure, do you find being wrong all the time a handicap? Fell free to continue our 90,000 subscriber enjoy the entertainment from our court jester.

  4. Victoria

    Hi Mike & Harry, I have come across a site that I would like you to take a look at if you can spare the time. It is “His Glory” on Utube. Titled “100 days of truth, what Americans never knew” It is designed to educate Americans on their constitution. It is in a clear format, x # of questions per day. I’m wondering if it would be a yardstick for teaching our constitution? It is teaching day #2 today. Thanks for your time, I’m going well with the mywill forms. Getting them into businesses around where I live. Good response, only a few who are not interested.
    Regards Victoria

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