APRadio- Podcast 22-12-2019

Harry and Mike discuss  bushfire empires that cannot be without fires to exist on government funding. Mike mentions changes to policies from listener comments as the recovery process gains further momentum to removing the political juggernaut blocking a true people government… A very Merry Christmas to all our listeners from Harry &Mike and join us next year to bring your stolen voice in your stolen parliament closer.

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  1. Leon colyer


  2. Allan Essery

    The level of incompetence and Green lunacy within those illegal organisations called ‘Local Government’ in relation to bushfires, among other things, has reached the level of criminal negligence. I live in a small community of only 580 residents south of Ballarat. The bush growth around here is so thick as to be impenetrable and the forest floors are thick with undergrowth. This is quite easily seen as you drive along the Geelong Highway and a flicked cigarette would mean that this town, that has such bush growth right up to the outskirts of the town, would be gone within a couple of hours.

  3. John Smith

    The problems we in Australia are having are the
    same problems other nations are having.

    We are allowing an unelected body of men/ Women under the banner
    known as the (UN) United Nations To dictate policy for our nation
    and there policy is genocide.

    We must demand that our pretend Government stop using our money
    to fund the UN.

    The politicians are working with the UN to implement Agenda 21/30

    Our main focus in the coming months should be on uniting all Australians
    so we can take our country back, as I see it the only enforcement we have
    are the people united against a common enemy.

  4. vincent

    perhaps the reason why we havent made any significant changes to the Constitution Act is because its damn near perfect and works superbly well.

  5. helena

    l was shocked to hear Harry answer with “Well theres not much you can say about that” when Mike asked the question on what Harry thought about the Fires being in the same location where the High Speed Rail train is going to be built.
    RESEARCH IT, is all l can say. Also Research High speed rail train in California and the fires there and research Agenda 21/30 in regards to where people will be living and mode of travel. Watch ‘The Hunger Games” You have a platform to inform the public and are not utilising it to its fullest potential. What part of the Constitution do you believe needs to be changed ? Do you think that the Australian Government over the last 100 years has given it a fair go to prove itself? Why do you think that is? Why don’t we just live by it as it was written for a start and get the Government to do the same first, before we go changing it?

    • admin

      Than goodness we do allow free speech and opinions Helena the government don’t. Your points are accepted that’s what we are here for and the best of luck changing our corrupt government to work for the people…. Harry

  6. John Smith

    One of the main reasons for the fires besides stealing land for the proposed
    fast train, is to fool the sleeping masses that climate change is responsible.

    Climate change is a scam just like bit coin.

    How ever the real reason for the push of climate change is they failed at
    global warming too many saw through it, so they have come up with climate change.

    What in effect they want to happen is Australia signs off on the Paris climate agreement
    if the Australian pretend Government signs the Paris climate agreement what they are really doing is
    signing over to the UN (United Nations) all our in and on ground resources over to the UN
    which by the way includes we the people.

    Which is another phase of agenda 21/30 there you have it

    Trump walked out of a meeting and won’t sign he has also to sign executive order
    reducing funding to the UN. hope that’s true

  7. Rod Northover

    Interesting discussion

    As it stands today the Legal Australian Constitution is our valid and legal only law that we are bound by.
    With any faults that it be perceived to have.

    Perhaps the only question we need to ask an attacking barrister is

    Show me which section of the Legal Australian Constitution Supports your claim and I will plead guilty and pay the price.

    In the 1800’s there was a heat wave in the 50 deg category

    We have always had heat
    We have always had bushfires
    Until recent times we have always reduced the risk.

    Today’s Green Madness has created huge hazards and I believe the whole Green Party need to be held accountable for loss of life and property.
    Starting with the head goose.

    I’m on a 30 day Facebook ban

    If we wish to know our future we need only look at the world of The Book of Faces.

    All run by Artifical Intelligence and Algorithms

    Judgement and the following Executions are instantaneous and there is no ‘court if appeal’

    I believe we have ‘pretend leaders’. Who are simply Good Dogs doing as they are told.

    All bought and paid for

    They are feathering their individual nests at our expense.

    They are only tempory
    The real threat lies in the Bureaucracy they inherit who have been quietly establishing themselves with family and friends.

    Revisit ‘Yes Minister’. For the real truth.

    I have a friend with Swiss heritage and he was thinking of moving there until I pointed out that they represent 5% of the total population and are demanding the flag be changed by removing the cross.

    I think at 3.5% they represent a revolution.
    5% is serious.

    Australia is in line for a serious internal conflict between China and Islam.
    With us in the middle.

    I’m tipping China to win in the end.

    They already have us almost surrounded by Ports they have influence over.

    Add the new one 30 km Nth of Geraldton at Okakagee that has a Chinese consortium interested in building
    NB. It has a 1 mile wide access to the main highway that is thought to allow the movement of nuclear waste into the country. I don’t have that in writing.It is local thinking.

    I guess all we need do is
    Follow the Money.

    Of course let’s not forget the Silk Road that we are being signed up to.

    Based on election results there are at least 1 million unhappy voters.

    If we all contributed $1 00 a week into a fighting fund to hold the Government to account under the Legal existing Constitution.

    That is potentially $1 million a week into a NFP that would make a difference and open a few eyes in Canberra and elsewhere.

    Being mindful of the fact that so far everyone who has stood to make a difference has been slaughtered on the Altar of Power.

    Even Donald Trump has had to withstand a constant onslaught from day 1 of his Presidency.

    In Australia I have watched it happen too
    And seen good men I know leaving the stage.
    The mongrels will take our family down too

    Having said all that I refuse to quit

    We just need to be in the winning seat

    The Art of War by Sun Tzu is worth following.
    I must read it again.

    Happy New Year to us all

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