APRadio podcast 25-10-2018

This APRadio podcast with Harry Palmer and Mike Holt is a review of street interviews conducted by Mike on the sunshine coast in Queensland. He asked the question of what people thought of our government with different opinions but ALL do not trust government or politicians that confirms the rumbling on social media and in the streets want their Australia back in the hands of the people not party politic dictatorship….

6 Responses to APRadio podcast 25-10-2018

  1. Andrea Pea says:

    As someone who is trying to rally people to sack our entire Constitutionally illegal parliament…there are so many sleeping people who are unaware of what the traitorous govts have historically done and are currently doing to Australia! “Your Will be Done – Let’s Sack the Parliament” is a fb page I’ve had going for a week….and it’s hard going continually explaining to people of govt failings! So many are totally unaware that OUR true Commonwealth Constitution was over written in the 70s by labor…and WE the people have to get it back! SO… Rallying people to stand up and stop the govts and get OZ back is what I have to do…I’m patriotic to the core! Anyone who feels the same….please come like the page!

    • admin says:

      Andrea ~ Love your comment … You mention the insidious facebook that is nothing more than a mustering yard for the inactive sheeple, the thick and dangerous plus the mushrooms who with monotonous regularity vote back into power ALP or LNP or GREEN and keep the Juggernaut alive while writing displeasure of the government they have re-elected AGAIN….. Harry

  2. Doug Back says:

    Do I understand that you were against the recent leadership change. Does that mean you liked Turnbull? I think the recnt change of leadership was the best thing that has happened in last 3 years. I was so pleased to see Turnbull go. I think the Lib NAT lab Grn mob are so on the nose that we might see some good independent or small party candidates get up. I predict KAP and the Conservatives will hold the balance of power. Or is it wishful thinking.
    Doug Back

    • admin says:

      APR has always pushed for the removal of Turnbull and the whole entrenched duoply establishment and agrees with your comments. We are noticing the awakening of the sheeple and party faithful realising they are being screwed by the major parties. The difficulty is getting people to vote outside the two party system of belief it is the only option. We will continue to podcast the message ion hope we will return Australia back to the people before we have new owners take over by stealth or force … harry

  3. rob says:

    Sadly every one of your respondents was ignorant of the fact that the “Australian Government” is a corporation registered in Washington DC, whose’s registered office is in Washington DC.
    That the “gov” is not doing a good job is rubbish, the gov is doing an exellent job, just that your respondents don’t know what their job is. They presume that the gov works for the Australian people. That’s rubbish, corporations exist only to make a profit for their share holders. Now who do you think are their shareholders, insofar as the corporation is American?
    The 1901 constitution has no provision for “party” politics, therefore the “parties” are unconstitutional.
    The Commonwealth of Australia Parliament (1901 constitution)has provision only for representatives

    • admin says:

      Well said Rob and in each Oz Chat we mention the corporation of Australia and the party dictatorship all traveling outside our assented constitution sanction by our Queen, not the Bob Hawk queen of nowhere he introduced to dupe the people and circumvent the rules he was elected to play by. Let us keep the pressure up on the duopoly and vote independent to remove the vipers….Harry

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