APRadio- Podcast 31-12-2019

Harry and Mike review 2019 APR chats plus the network expanding as people become aware they are being screwed our illegal parliament. 2020 is shaping to a showdown with the establishment well aware their days are numbered.

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  1. Helena

    GAP The Great Australian party is NOT compliset in the unlawful Government. They are exposing the Treason that the Australian Government has committed by creating a fictitious Queen of Australia and want to return the Government to abiding to the Commonwealth Constitution where all the peoples rights are. What they have been able to do, has been the biggest threat to the existing Government throughout the whole of Australia’s History. Instead of bagging them, how about joining forces especially because of the number of listeners that you have, and helping each other out. l do not hear The Great Australian Party bagging any other group that is trying to inform the Australian People about how criminal the Government is. People can join your effort as well as signing up to become a member of The Great Australian Party. Have you even read Gap’s Policies and what they are proposing to do? If you had -you would both be ashamed of yourselves. l am tired of all this back stabbing, it is exactly what the Government relies on to keep us from becoming a threat to them. How about reading GAPS policies and spreading the word, telling people to sign up as a member to the party. THAT is what is needed. People working together and becoming a strong force to fight the corruption that you 2 always go on about. That is what GAP has done to a greater extent then anyone else. So how about it?

  2. Carole Green

    Happy New Year and thank you.
    You are right when you say people don’t want to vote any more.
    I don’t, they are all the same, there is nothing lower than a politician in a corrupt government.

    • admin

      Hi Carole~ Have a great 2020. We need change YESTERDAY maybe a public guillotine where you can start knitting. Our fate is sealed if the duopoly establishment remains. The bushfires are a product of the establishment and a government cash cow to agenda driven unemployable academics and their faithful team of brain dead followers. Keep getting the message out there …Harry

  3. Russell

    I think a good way to advance the word is to have all you extremely knowledgeable guys show up at the court and represent the every day person then your work will advance exponentially

  4. Russell

    I think a good way to advance the word is to have all you extremely knowledgeable guys show up at the court and represent the every day person then your work will advance exponentially
    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to Australia

  5. Frank

    Happy revolution year
    Thank you for your work in exposing the criminals.
    No matter who you vote for the crims have made sure will always end up in power.

    • admin

      There will not as long as people like you Frank support a grand jury of accountability by the people NOW being formed is a great starting point to remove the serpent… Harry

      • Danny

        Time is not on our side, the psychopaths are moving fast.

        We the people, need to get the word out to as many as possible.
        I think that there are still millions upon millions who have no idea, of the traitors & criminals who are destroying this once great nation, due to the MSM (Main Stream Media), which is owned & controlled by our enemies.

        GMO’s are on their agenda too, once they’ve destroyed & damaged the natural food supply.

        -> https://youtu.be/RtgavFYVAgg

        • admin

          Thanks for the comments and your thoughts. You are right most seem happy with either fairy dust or Bull dust awaiting the day Peter Pan will save the nation. I feel the government/greens engineered bushfire destruction of our nation may wake a few more but I am not holding my breath Many would be content to load the rifles of their appointed firing squad to remain faithful to a political party…Harry

  6. John Smith

    I saved this from a local news paper (www.thetorch.com.au) in Bankstown NSW
    a few years ago the reason I saved it is because it states
    by Victorian Supreme Court ruling
    it’s unlawful for private corporations to issue fines ,would this not also apply to
    local councils with an ABN number.

    MP spearheads drive to end unlawful carpark fine

    Jeffrey Richards with State MP for Bankstown, Tania Mihailuk, at the Bankstown
    supermarket car park where he was fined.
    By MlCK ROBERTS MOTORISTS should be wary of fines issued by
    private car park operators, with complaints in creasing, warn local MPs
    and Fair Trading.NSW Fair Trading has received a record 541
    complaints relating to fines issued by private car park operators during
    the period, July 1, 201 1 to August 29, 201 2. State Labor MP for
    Bankstown, Tania Mihailuk, said the NSW Government should take
    action immediately to protect motorists from unfair fines.
    Ms Mihailuk’s calls follow a Victorian Supreme Court ruling that found
    similar fines issued in that State are unlawful.
    “The Government must take action to protect consumers by making it
    clear that private companies have no right to issue ‘fines’,” Ms Mihailuk said.
    Ms Mihailuk said a company operating in Bankstown, had issued 60,000
    fines nationally and cancelled many of them when
    motorists queried them or contacted Fair Trading.
    “The Victorian Supreme Court has ruled that fines
    issued from a similar private parking company
    were unlawful,” Ms Mihailuk said.Bankstown’s Jeffrey Richards contacted Ms
    Mihailuk’s office for assistance after he was informed of an infringement
    from the RMS stating that a private car parking company had sought a
    court order for the release of his personal details.
    While his fine has since been cancelled, he said
    he received no initial correspondence or payment notice from the company.
    “The first I heard about it was when they sent me a
    fine,” he said. “I am disappointed and
    concerned that I was not informed by RMS prior to them releasing my details.” he said.

    • admin

      It is the modern Nazi party control of the people, so lets keep the pressure up and remove the problem from any for of authority in our Australia. The indication is the establishment are in panic mode as the awakening public unite daily to remove them from power dictating to this once free nation that will be again … Harry

  7. John Smith
    • admin

      I gather John, from your comment, Mike and myself do not know whats going on !!! You may be right and we allow your right to say that, not sure about our 90,000 followers … Harry

      • John Smith

        Harry I’ve been going down this rabbit hole for 10 years
        in March I will be 74 years of age. I have lived long enough
        to see the changes happening, if there’s one thing I’m
        100% sure of happening is the implementing of agenda
        21 world wide, run under the UN banner.

        I came across the APR website via a link posted on
        MeWe social media website, it’s an alternative to facebook

        As a member of THI group.

        up until then I had no idea that there are some in Australia
        that are serious about winning our country back.

        I posted the link’s to THI website and the THI shows to bring them
        to the attention of you Harry and members here at APR

        Not because I thought you and Mike Holt did not know
        what was going on, but maybe there’s information
        coming from the THI group that you might not know about
        after all I’ve been doing this for ten years and had no idea
        APR existed.

        Harry to me the most important thing is for all of us to
        come together and learn from one another.

        It’s what the psychopaths fear the most.

  8. Dozer 050

    All politicians and P.M from Whitlam until Today have accepted the Imperial Crown, so therefore it is THERE COMPANY and not the Sovereign people’s Crown right?
    So therefore, When we take back our Common Law, The corrupt imperial foreign COMPANY shall be held financially accountable for the foreign investors like China, once We the People are back in power.
    Basically what I’m saying here is, That it is not debt owed by us, but owed from there COMPANY.
    They should not only be jailed for life, but stripped off all that they and there offspring have occured from there treasonous acts, And given to the foreign investors.
    Then we boot the unlawful investors out of Australia and give all financial gains to them from the corrupt and unlawful agreements made from the Fraudulent treasonous COMPANY of those Polies who created it.
    May ALL Polies involved ROT IN HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY.

    • admin

      Interesting Mick, I hear your anger and it is your right to vent that. Th establishment need to be brought before the people and dealt with as traitors, but we cannot shut down trade relations with other nation but most certainly remove any land acquisition and tax every dollar they make from Australia for starters …. Harry

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