APRadio- Reform Podcast part 1 of 5

Harry and Mike as mentioned in the previous podcast explain part one, Citizen Introduced Referendum [CIR] of a five part series on suggested structure to a people’s Australia when reclaimed from the entrenched establishment operating an illegal government.

55 Replies to “APRadio- Reform Podcast part 1 of 5”

  1. Oldavid

    Orrite, fellas. I’ve known about the CIR proposals since the ’70’s and I was among an idealistic group who blithely imagined that we could effect a change to the “status quo” by just informing “our” politicians about the dangers of Globalism and the desirability of a National order directed towards the good of its people. Even 50 years ago it was apparent that the Party pollies despised ordinary people as “uninformed” (ignorant) yokels (the profane) who didn’t understand the “big picture” of the “benefits” of a “benevolent dictatorship” of the bipartisan grandiose illumined.

    Over the last 40 years I’ve come up with a proposal that ordinary people can implement in their own homes and communities to propose people of integrity for election into “government”, particularly the Senate, that should have the Constitutional ability to prosecute traitors in the Lower House and Judiciary.

    My proposal has had no approval from either the proponents of the present ‘Masonic system or proponents of other political parties that invite sycophants to a particular ideological issue.

    Please find attached the proposal or find it in a subsequent email.

  2. :Wayne-edward: Wood:

    Guys, I have been on a journey of discovery since 2016 when I had finally decided I had had enough. With the direction of my daughter my eyes were opened for the very first time. for almost sixty (60) years I have been stumbling and could not understand why I knew something was wrong but couldn’t pin point the problem. My trouble was with the banks and Family court system. When I tell people how I escaped the clutches of the Banksters no one believes me because they like ( I was ) are reluctant to remove their blinkers.
    Anyway I won’t bore with those stories BUT with that one direction from my daughter I began to see what was happening and many doors have opened including you guys.
    This is a quiet and lawful rebellion which I am proud to be involved in although I am not very clever I am getting educated with your help and many others THANK-YOU!

  3. Michael John Schulz

    Yes I agree with what you are saying and I see the treasonous ones are trying to get the republic thing going again and they won’t to do aplebsight to do it because I believe that will be rigged like voting is today.

  4. Heike Jindra

    Yes – i am in full support of a CIR in Australia.
    PS i suggest to provide a clearly visible box which says COMMENTS. I could not find it.

    • Mike Holt

      Our Founding Fathers were good men. They believed in all the good Christian values, and I’m sure they couldn’t envisage the venal, lying, crooking politicians of today. In fact, back then anyone sitting in Parliament was a Representative. Politicians are the bastard children of the political parties — and where in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution does it mention a Prime Minister or Political Parties?

  5. wayne halls

    Mike ,, in part one for CIR, you said compulsory voting would be gone, i think that is wrong, because if we have democracy we should all have should vote, yes there is those that will say in a true democracy we should not be forced to vote, also how do know who is voting , so that ONLY Australian Citizens can vote, no one else, we would need some way of knowing that only those eligible are allowed to vote, , actually vote , you do not tell us how that would be done, I would also remove Dual Citizenship from this country & 75% or 80 % result carries more weight in the end result,, yes it makes it harder to get a definite result, but it ensures the majority of the people have the power in numbers

    • Mike Holt

      You make some good points Wayne, but don’t forget that what we are proposing is just that….a proposal. Everything will be subject to referenda votes of the people before it becomes law.

      To answer your specific points:
      1. No one likes being forced to do anything, and that is especially true with voting. If we are to become truly free, we all must maintain the right to decide for ourselves what we want to or do not want to do. That is what English Common Law guarantees us. So I am a staunch believer in having the freedom of choice to decide if I want to vote on something or not.

      Perhaps you are worried that there will not be enough people voting to decide properly on an issue. In that case, a minority may decide the question. But I can guarantee that if the decision does not benefit most Australians they will quickly want to get involved in voting from then on. After all, we will have a vested interest in the outcome of many of the votes. So I wouldn’t worry too much about whether people will vote or not. They will quickly learn that it is in their best interests to vote soon enough. And with digital online voting, voting will be easy and accessible. No more wasting time at a voting booth. You will be able to vote just as easily as you make a phone call. In fact, you only have to look at how many people vote in Polls and Petitions. People love to tell others what they think. I think that once we make it easy for people to vote they will do it happily without being forced.

      2. I agree wholeheartedly that a majority vote should be decided by a much larger percentage than the current 51%. Is 75% or 80% the right number? Only the people voting in a referendum can decide that. But we have often discussed this and our thoughts are that 75% is a good percentage.

      3. Having lived in Thailand for 30 years I am keenly aware of the dual citizenship question. In Thailand, you are either a Thai citizen, or you are not. You cannot be a Thai citizen and a Chinese citizen…full stop. We should have the same thing here. Once an immigrant takes the Oath of Allegiance and becomes an Australian all other allegiances must stop. The punishment for transgressing should be immediate stripping of citizenship and deportation back to the other country.

      Harry and I are doing these broadcasts thanks to many requests from people over the years to explain what our plans are for the future of our nation. Without a plan we can’t know what direction we should take. So the 5-Part Plan is a starting point. Our 5-Part Plan may end up being modified after the healthy debate these podcasts are generating. This is true Democracy in action! So keep the comments and discussion coming!!!

  6. Jemael K

    Harry, Mike……brilliant podcast as usual. The referendum app idea is brilliant as well. About time we started to take back our country.

  7. Erle Evans

    Gentlemen, you have my undivided attention. I do not consider myself a staunch monarchist but I do believe that the Crown is our last best hope of maintaining freedom & democracy in our country. I applaud the sacrifice, courage & commitment you have shown in keeping the people informed & coming up with a plan of attack.
    We who have served will be of service.

    • admin

      Erie~ Mike and myself have served … Mike and myself have had enough of the enemy within … time for action, not with a gun, but the most powerful weapon against a treasonist corrupt government .. THE PEN ….Harry

      • Erle Evans

        Those of us with enough age & wisdom under our belts know that violence is not the answer or the way forward, convincing the pups of that will be difficult, they are after all just younger versions of ourselves & we need only reflect on our own youth to know their anger & frustration, like their fathers & grandfathers before them they will fight. Just a thought for consideration.

      • Erle Evans

        Thanks John, quite a lot of information in that link, somewhat lacking in evidence though.
        When I say the Crown I am referring to the mechanisms the crown has put in place for us to deal with our current situation, I agree that waiting for others to fix the problems for us will only result in nothing being done.

  8. Heike Jindra

    Dear soldiers, i wish to draw your attention to a Czech mathematician by the name of Karel Janecek. He has designed a unique voting system. For his system to work properly, there have to be more than two options for voting – not just yes or no. Also, his system encompasses negative votes!!
    I highly recommend to read up on his system!
    Heike Jindra

  9. rhonda khoury

    What you are considering to implement for this country is a life saver. We all need to back you and I do. One Hundred Percent. Thank you sincerely.

    • admin

      Rhonda~ Your support is most welcome…. keep passing around APRadio to all and sundry as the message now is gaining increasing momentum …Harry

  10. John Smith

    I know most if not all Australian politicians are guilty of
    treason ,yet they are still in office.

    So if we the people put forward a referendum voted on
    by the people,and the politicians simply ignore it
    what enforcement do we the people have,surely not
    the cops.enforcement is the problem the military the police
    are all traitors to the people, the people that pay there wages.
    The people that they are supposed to protect.

    • admin

      John~ Current politicians are only in office because the people voted them to be there–again and again and again— and at what point of devastation of this nation they will wake up they are the cause of dictatorship is getting close. Remember the 5 point series is an intitial guide line … what are your thoughts on the enforcement of CIR ???? Harry

      • John Smith

        Harry (CIR) Citizens Initiated Referendums is a good idea
        I’m in favor of any lawful way to take back the control
        of our country.

        However I believe it’s a little late at this point in time.

        Right now our food,water, health and air are under
        heavy attack, much heaver then ever before.

        And this is happening worldwide not just in Australia
        be it a referendum or common law we the people
        do not have enough lawful enforcement officers on our side
        it,s down to the people to take action, and the problem here is
        people are too divided mostly misinformed
        and distracted by the (MSM) Main Stream Media.

        In my opinion the MSM is public enemy number one
        worldwide and needs to be replaced by the people
        and the truth about our corporate governments

        Harry your pod casts and the CIR video should be on MSM
        because unless it’s on main TV most of the population
        are clueless they only believe something if it’s
        delivered to them on live TV.

        • Danny

          5G is another weapon at their disposal.

          The mass media is largely/mostly owned & controlled by psychopaths, who believe that they are the chosen ones by their fictions war-god, that’s the issue. They are running the world via proxy.

          It is these lunatics who are in reality behind all these attacks on us the people. Yes it is indeed on a world-wide scale.

          The truth is that in reality, each one of us is created & born equal.

          Their end goal, is their satanic new world order & one world government.

        • Mike Holt

          Good points, so may I suggest that you do something about them? How about contacting the mainstream media and pointing them in the direction of our podcasts? Tell them about our websites. We can’t do this alone. It’s up to every Australian who wants a better future to do something. If everyone does a little it adds up to a lot.

          • John Smith

            Mike Halt, I agree point taken I have tried contacting MSM in the past
            my message fell on deaf ears, not even sure if they are human anymore.

            And yes ever little bit we do gets us a step closer to getting our country
            back,just a suggestion to all maybe printing some flyer’s dropped into
            letterboxes pointing people to this website https://www.australianpatriotradio.com/

            Even if each one of us can point just 3 people to this website and encourage them
            to do likewise the numbers will grow in no time.

            And maybe when our numbers are great we can all at once flood the MSM
            with an email pointing them to this website and to do the right thing by the

            John Smith

      • Erle Evans

        Agreed, most people still vote for one of the 4 major parties but consider the alternative, even if every person voted by placing the 4 major parties at the bottom of the ballot paper & all independent & minor parties above them, you would still end up with one of the major parties in power due to preferences, back room deals & vote tampering, such is the nature of our system of voting. If my thoughts on this are incorrect then please let me know along with a means of kicking the 4 major parties to the kerb.

  11. Margaret

    Great chat guys. There is a lot of talk happening especially on fb, but corporate government is doing business as per usual. I’m worried we won’t have any Australia or Australian industry left to build on soon. I & family have filled in & mailed off our My Will letters earlier this year, but don’t know what’s happening with that.

  12. Jim Fox

    G’day Harry & Mike,
    As a child, i remember my father quoting Menzies, ( not verbatim,) ” We must have a certain number of unemployed to discipline the workforce.” Nothing has changed.
    As a Teen in the 60’s, i remember that the Government was going to deregulate the banks, & i thought, why would they do that?
    Many years ago i discovered the internet, & i found ” Basic Fraud, Australia, the Hidden Colony.”
    I have followed many Movements since then, but people like Scott Bartlett, David John Walter & Sue Maynes have opened my eyes to the corruption being visited upon us.
    I now add two names to that list, Harry Palmer & Mike Holt.
    I have many questions, but will ask them at another time.
    Well done lads … With your work, we will succeed.
    Thank You.

    • admin

      Jim~ Thank you for the comments. Mike and myself have served for this country, enjoyed this country whne it was our country, we have watched it being demolished by dictatorial corruption and greed, we have now had enough and intend to keep podcasting as a tiny contribution to return Australia to the people who care to listen and wake up …Harry

  13. Craig

    Hi guys, I’m listening via the Aussie battler podcast and I believe this is a great way to maintain traction with our pursuit for change, to make it more interactive asking for comments, thoughts and ideas moving forward.

    Secure voting app is the future I agree, Great idea.

    Moving from compulsory voting to your proposal I reckon we should register to a list of Australians who want to actively participate in our democracy and those on the list would have to vote to keep all votes accountable or via some other means.
    At 2/3rds majority 67% would be my thoughts needed.

    CIR itself is a great idea to get the power out of political clowns hands and hopefully get the country thinking meaningful about our nations best interests.

    Looking forward to hearing the other 4 parts. Great work keep it up men.

    • admin

      Craig~ Thank you for commenting and with such common sense as we see the duopoly faithful sheeple returning back to people regaining their individual powers back. Keep the podcasts flowing around friends and associates as the nation awakens to reclaim their rights and country…. Harry

    • Mike Holt

      I must disagree with your statement about compelling people to act. That goes against Common Law. We are all born sovereign and we must all make our own decisions without compulsion from without. You might want to do a bit more study of Common Law.

      • Craig

        Mike, I was try to imply that using a Voluntary registration list that we could be added to or removed at each persons wish prior to any referendum/vote just to keep valid people and numbers. I completely get your point of not having do things against a person will which I do agree. Block chain might even be the easy solution who knows but all just a suggestion.
        I’ve only just very recently had my eyes opened to all this corruption and as a Patriotic Aussie I want our country back. So yes I have lots to learn about common law and many other areas to reform the change which I have been slowly acquiring from wherever I can get it. Keep up the fight you guys a doing a great job!

  14. John Smith

    The politicians are not the problem we the people
    are, we are too divided maybe (CIR) Citizens Initiated Referendums
    can be used as a tool to unite we the people under a common goal

    politicians are just puppets

    Only we the people united can save our country
    only we the people can save the destruction of our planet.

  15. Kim

    I think the real trick is how we get the younger generation truly understanding their rights and how our Constitution works. Arm them with knowledge – knowledge is power. But how….how can we reach them in a more efficient manner and then get them to understand the importance of this information?

    • admin

      Well said Kim~ just last week a first time voter had his drivers license suspender for not paying a fine he never received for not voting. His family went with him on polling day as it was a big event and videoed him voting including being marked off the register with a full facial pic of the clown incharge of the booth. The case was dropped with no apology just information how to get his license back. This young man has an army of voting age friends now forming groups in NSW to get rid of the duoply. It wil be an intyeresting next fed election as the voice of youth will be heard….Harry

  16. Brennan

    There should be some considerations towards the idea of properterianism, as put forward by Curt Doolittle, allowing for reciprocal transactions. Also I would consider the idea that only the productive are able to vote and the non productive ie; welfare beneficiaries, not given the right to vote. Thanks

    • admin

      Brennan~ Productive people are the majority of the unemployed being over 40,lost jobs or redundant and considered unemployable due to age by the academic masters of bullshit guide lines.Many others are put on the job search conveyor belt gravy train run my greed driven private enterprise job providers who have no idea and sent people on mundane courses that mean nothing to employers only to be told they need accreditation by the truck load… Harry

  17. Maria Fitzgerald

    Thank You Harry & Mike.
    Awake & Aware here!
    Love your Solutions to get our country back on track. Our Will will Be Done, Arthur Chresby style under the original Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1901 laws. Can’t wait until this pseudo, unconstitutional, corrupt communist establishment is put on notice & out of business. They’ve utterly usurped our Constitutional rights & responsibilities & We the People will take them back. Their corporate greed & arrogance is insufferable, they don’t represent Us, they’re UN/Global Elite minions. It’s way past time we balanced the scales of Justice, under the real powers of our authentic Constitutional Laws & a legitimate parliament, then charged these socialist, criminal psychopaths with treason. Enough is Enough. I’m posting your awesome podcasts to family & friends. Being a sheeple is no longer an option. Maybe some of your followers may like to check out the Youtube video of Dr Amy McGrath, ‘Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing’. She succinctly explains the Fabian connection to our fake guberment & you’ll definitely learn some real history.
    You have my full support.
    Best wishes & kindest regards, Maria.

    • admin

      Well said Maria. You are a true patriot Australian and as the momentum gathers with the people realising they have been duped bhy political power and corruption in government so shall the return of this nation be to the people once again. Keep passing the message the demise of dictatorship in Australian by people power is just around the corner… Harry

  18. Steve

    Our corrupt “Representatives” in Canberra always sneakily put multiple issues into any referendum! So for example if you say NO to one important issue, you’re automatically voting YES to another important issue that YOU DON’T WANT! Just for an example, “Do you support a return to Australia’s 1900 UK Constitution, and do you think pedophilia should be legalized?” By voting for one, the corrupt bastards get you automatically voting in favor of another atrocity! FFS! Referendums? YES! But ONLY for ONE, (single), issue at a time!!!

    • admin

      Steve~ you are on the button as people are awakening to the establishment manipulation, but the entrenched party faithful concrete minds are a hurdle to be navigated before it is too late … Harry

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