APRadio- Reform Podcast part 4 of 5

Harry and Mike in this podcast discuss and explain part FOUR, Taxation Reform of a five part series on suggested structure to a people’s Australia when reclaimed from the entrenched establishment operating an illegal government.

2 Replies to “APRadio- Reform Podcast part 4 of 5”

  1. Danny

    Thankyou for these excellent, informative & empowering podcasts Harry & Mike.

    Great that you mention the international bankers (crime syndicate) & the Masons (Freemasonry).

    They are very criminal & evil bastards. Plz be aware, that it probably won’t be easy to eliminate their stranglehold influence in this country, here’s why.

    The mass media needs to be reformed too, as they (R. Murdoch) almost completely control it.

    There’s good evidence, that the Titanic was sunk deliberately, in order to eliminate all opposition to the federal reserve. There’s nothing federal about it, nor is it a reserve. It’s privately owned & controlled. JFK was going to eliminate it, that’s why they killed him.

    Did you know that after World War Two, the victors of the war not only went on to write our history books, infiltrate our media and public education but even going so far as to criminalize the mere questioning of the official story’s orthodoxy.

    Hitler printed his own money, this is why he was able to restore Germany, he was able to rid the country of the Jewish bankers, who tried to destroy & enslave Germany. Not many people know this, as the perpetrators took control of the mass media & education. It’s one of the main reasons they waged way against Germany. There’s nothing these psychopaths hate more, when they aren’t able to enslave & control any country.

    –> https://europathelastbattle.wordpress.com/watch/
    & https://www.bitchute.com/video/QtLvxZ9d0yEY/

    It’s provable. A handful, a very small elite run and own these corporations which include the mainstream media. Do you know who owns 96% of the entire media? The Jews. They own it all: ABC, NBC, CBS. That’s what Alex Jones isn’t going to tell you. The Jews. The entire conspiracy, as Hitler knew, is Jewish in origin. That’s where it comes from. And that’s why Hitler is the most demonized person in history. Because when you go up against the greatest liars in history and you lose, you’re going to become the most lied about man in history. And that’s what’s happened to Hitler. And that’s why the Holocaust is not allowed to be talked about anywhere in Europe. It’s illegal. And that’s why they don’t want you talking about those 109 countries they’ve been kicked out of. They’ll just tell you those countries, all 109 of them, were just anti-Semitic. Conspiracy-theorist, Flat-earther, Holocaust-denier; They come up with these to pigeon-hole researchers so instead of looking into it, they can just say a term like this and have a whole media machine to parrot this term and say it in hushed tones like you’re someone who should never be listened to, and it’s a position that should never be considered. They don’t want you to go to the true seat of power, the true pinnacle of the capstone: the Jewish Freemason power.

    This is what we are up against.

    The total extermination of all Gentiles in the entire world is openly stated in the Jewish Zohar as being the intention of the Jewish religion.

  2. John Smith

    There’s no need to be paying any tax
    all a lawful Government needs to do
    is nationalize the mining industry
    because all in ground resources including water.
    belong to all the people of that nation.

    Not to any corporation.

    Every resource including we the people have
    been pledged to the-manna-world-holding-trust

    In other words the trust owns this whole planet
    thanks to the Rothschild’s and other goons
    Running this planet.


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