Derek Balogh Fights the Banks

Derek has devoted years to defending people against the rapacious Australian banks. Listen to the discussions between The Battler and Derek to learn about what he has been doing.

Derek has the documents to show and prove the Banking and Postal Fraud started the SAME DAY WE SIGNED OUR LOAN APPLICATIONS!!!

He has copies of the Fake Computer – Copies of the purported mortgages, as well as the trust deeds that do not comply with the Australian Taxation Office (Registered as a foreign corporation) in the United States. This includes the fact that these Banking Trust Deeds do not comply with the invalid and incomplete – ‘Corporations Bill, 2001’, which did not achieve any votes as recorded on Hansard, the Parliamentary Records. Neither did this Bill, proposed by Joe Hockey, ever see a Second Reading. Every new law MUST pass both Houses – three times to become a LAW! As a result, there are no valid and/or legal corporations in Australia!

Derek is looking for 1,000 people who have been victimized by the banks. If you have lost your house, land, farm, business because of the banks, please click here to Contact Us and write a brief account of what has been done to you so that we can forward it on to Derek.

Bank Victim’s Stories

The following stories are from people who have asked us to forward their stories to Derek. We publish them here with their permission. If you think you are safe from the banks….think again. The Bank Bail In Laws they are about to enact will make every Australian vulnerable. It’s time to expose their criminal behaviour and make them accountable for their acts against us Aussies!

Debbie: — Wed, Jul 3, 1:57 AM

Hi Mike, I heard you say that Derek Balogh needs 100 people who have had their homes repossessed. My loan was with Auswide Bank (used to be Widebay Australia) and they offer loans underwritten?? by Westpac.  I was evicted in June 2013 and had to voluntarily hand back my property in June 2016. The bank sold my property for $130k, way below value, the remaining loan was approx $84k which they still have on my head. I now live in France because life is so much easier and way way cheaper, I was continually struggling in Aus, but here in France we just bought a home and small farm on one income for 113k euros. I cannot be contacted on mobile, that is my aussie number above, but let me know if my case is of any use to you.

Peter — Mon, Jul 15, 12:18 AM

Hi my name is Peter from Melbourne’s west. I have lost a house to the banks in late 2016. They took the house, all the surplus funds are gone, a lot of my stuff was taken by the agent that works for the banks’ over 60k worth . And I was left with nothing. I went to court and obtained 3 different solicitors and spent over  60k and got nothing out of it. The bank just cleaned me out.

Now the federal circuit court is trying to take my investment property that I’m living in since the bank took my other place. I didnt see 1 dollar from the sale from tbe surplus funds.

I would like to speak to Derek that was on your show regarding the bank fraud. If you could pass on my number to him and if I could get his number to get in touch with him and have a chat etc and see what advice he can give me for these crooks. (keep up the good work on your show, great stuff  cheers)