Rod Culleton update interview July 30

Harry Palmer- I had this exclusive interview with our Senator in Exile Rod Culleton giving another update to his challenge of the senate president and attorney general orchestrating his removal from the senate on politically motivated agenda misinformation. Rod now officially been granted a hearing on August 6 2018 in the Federal Court of Disputed Returns that will see his dynamic legal team swing into action. We will return after that date to further up date Rods case as the establishment circle the wagons pending a relentless attack on the Kangaroo Courts.

3 Responses to Rod Culleton update interview July 30

  1. Peter Farquharson says:

    Have a look at what religion they are? They mostly are all good Catholics. And what religion is the Governor General Peter Cosgrove? It is not hard to see why Henry the eighth use to burn there churches and do a cull on the rubbish they are lying criminals brought up and educated to be that way.

    • admin says:

      Peter~ Religion has always been the source of wars and is loosing it’s power daily I am pleased to see. To have a single man set in place as the sole king living in Rome for one religion tells the story. Above our laws, above accountability, and above any further consideration ….. Harry

  2. Chris of Masters says:
    All is not as seems. The pirates took over the ship. Let’s call it high treason.

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