All About Podcasts


Benefits of Podcasts

Podcasts are easy to access. You usually have the option to download them to your computer and mobile device. With all these options available, you can listen to them whenever and wherever that is convenient for you. For example, while doing house chores a podcast about Austrialian history could be on in the background. That way, knowledge can be learned while also conducting a mundane and repetitive task.


Why Listen to Podcasts

This form of media tends to be released on a regular basis as a series with episodes. One thing to keep in mind is that there is no standard format to podcasts nor length nor style. They may cover a range of subject areas, but they often focus on one topic for the duration of an episode. Some are improvised while others are scripted.


Where to Start

You should start with podcasts genres that you find interesting. If you like history, use a search engine to find a podcast about history. If you like politics, do the same except about politics. However, if you are still unsure, feel free to check out the Austrialian Patriot Radio Podcast.

APR Episodes

APRadio- Podcast 28-09-2020

Mike & Harry talk about how Common Law Courts are helping to give the people a voice for justice. As we watch footage of thugs from Victoria's police and government trampling.

APRadio- Podcast 28-08-2020

Harry discusses an upcoming interview with Brumbyy, who joined SOSNEWS in 2001 and was one of the first independent online publishers to uncover government corruption.

APRadio- Podcast 23-08-2020

Harry's thoughts on the COVID debacle and the return of James Ashby's lawsuit against the government Mike and Harry talk about how our Common Law Court coordination is coming along.

APRadio- Podcast 05-07-2020

Harry and Mike talk about the Roma Hotel government's COVID-19 fine, common law reform, the ongoing grand jury, and other topics while Slim Dusty performs "Your Country's Been Sold."

If you're stuck trying to find a good podcast, we have got you covered!

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