APRadio 4 part series Interview with author/activist Dick Yardley exposing how political dictatorship illegally control

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Harry Palmer with Mike Holt interview Australian activist and author Dick Yardley Dick Yardley a well known and respected researcher in relation to the validity of true de-jure governments of Australia and their foreign quasi political parliament and government right under your noses removing your freedom, land rights and judicial common law. Special thanks to Dick Yardley for the years of research and devotion he has made in order to shed light onto such deceptions perpetrated against normal working Australian people by a corrupt deceptive judiciary and government. This is one interview all Australians need to hear to be informed as to how your Australia is running out of time with you being the only way to return this nation to the people. Play all episodes or select an episode below…..

14 Responses to APRadio 4 part series Interview with author/activist Dick Yardley exposing how political dictatorship illegally control

  1. Dude Lovett says:

    God Bless Dick Yardley.. The Man is a Legend.. I Hope everyone buys 10 copies of this book for their friends and family.. God Bless You Dick…

    • admin says:

      Dude~ The establishment are threatened by people like Dick who blasts them with facts from their own toves and use illegal legislation to silence we the people who challenge their dictatorial control….Harry

  2. Debra says:

    when you are crossed off the register, would it not be prudent to initial or sign against your name on the register, to confirm that you have received the ballot and using a pen not pencil.

    • admin says:

      Debra~ You are quite right ALWEAYS use a pen for anything at polling booths or in fact government paperwork…. Harry

  3. Barry de Haas says:

    Am starting to wonder if Australians really care about their country.

    Am in retirement stage of life, and looking back, after having lived in various parts of the country, and working amongst a variety of people of different cultures, it seems most are more concerned about themselves and their country of origin than they are about Australia.

    It seems the few years we had as Australians for Australia have disappeared.

    • admin says:

      Barry ~ We have lost our rights and values by allowing these bastard to dictate … any idea how we can get our Australia back??? the voters seem content with the establishment ruling………Harry

  4. Rob says:

    When there is no universal right to ownership of private land, all that will remain in possession of land will be those too powerful to be removed from ownership of ‘their’ land or those the government chooses not to remove – i.e. the rich and powerful and the government and its cronies – leaving us with a return to the feudal days of the (robber) Barons and serfs, and to a society massively divided along lines of wealth and power.

    (the website is my blog spot – not a formal university – rather a free one)…

  5. Richard Woolley says:

    Get with the strength. Become the strength. Be common wealth

  6. Daniel says:

    how about we remove number plates on our cars, lock the doors and refuse the illegal revenue raising? this will fix illegal road tolls, camera fines, parking tickets and many other illegal fines. section 92 of the constitution mentions free travel between and within the states. like you mentioned, stopping some cash flow is going to start at cutting the head off the snake

    • admin says:

      Daniel~ The enforcers dance to the tune of the establishment and puppet masters of bureaucracy run the show… time to stop being nice, being subservient, and being bullied by these treasonist politicians … how do we stop that when as we have seen again the voters keep giving them license…. Harry

  7. If Australian want to hold the unconstitutional undemocratic corrupt corporate government to accountand clean the swamp = “VONC = http://www.australiaunitedplatform.com/australian-vote-of-no-confidence.html

  8. WHO ARE YOU???

    KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!! Know who they are…!!!!



  9. Mark Hines says:

    Well done Mr Yardley, Mr Holt & Mr Palmer
    This is a report that i have done in April 2016
    This disgustion is what i put forward on date above that might be of interest to you on same.


    yours true :Mark-Edward:-of the family:-Hines: CPO under Oath of the Queen of great Commonwealth Australia Constitution 1900 Act- Preamble

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