APRadio-Govt to will soon control your cash

Harry and Mike expose draft legislation covertly pushed through parliament  with now just 7 days for you the people to object. No coverage in mainstream media about government ready to control of your cash money and sending you to jail if you disobey  ….  Below are relevant links you need to read, a video you must view explaining the government game plan, then Harry and Mike PODCAST.

Information to keep you aware of government plans to control your personal cash

Submissions are due by Monday 12 August …. You can access the exposure draft legislation and accompanying explanatory materials at: https://www.treasury.gov.au/consultation/c2019-t395788 –  or a quick synopsis – CLICK HERE
Send your submission to Blackeconomy@treasury.gov.au

BLACK ECONOMY: This PDF report is an LNP party room agenda driven document the Morrison Government based their push to clamp forever your freedom of choice to cash transactions.  –  CLICK HERE

CONTACT A SENATOR: This document lists all federal senators phone numbers, etc, for you to call and let them know your feeling about controlling your cash money – CLICK HERE

PETITION: Sign the petition to stop government using your money to bail in banks – https://cecaust.com.au/stop-bail-in-petition



PODCAST with Harry and Mike on this very issue

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