APRadio- Podcast 13-01-2020

Harry and Mike discuss the police raid on Mike’s home on a fishing expedition confirming the establishment are worried. Is Kangaroo Island on fire to get mining wealth by stealth? Time to be counted with your MY WILL submission as the Grand Jury moves closer.

28 Replies to “APRadio- Podcast 13-01-2020”

  1. John Smith

    Good pod cast Mike,Harry it would be tremendous if the police realized they are serving
    the wrong masters and started supporting the people, we the people the ones
    that pay there wages.

    just an idea if enough followers of APR plus (Admin) Harry Palmer and Mike Holt
    are interested in or even have the time to administer.

    With all these fires happening It’s a good time to try and wake as many of the sleeping public as possible,
    I’m not talking about those that are already
    on social media or on your mailing list, but the ones that haven’t a clue
    what’s really going on because they only watch MSM Tell-lie-vision.

    There’s a computer in almost every household all have a USB port, only older
    computers have or even use a CD/DVD these days.

    You can buy a 1 MB USB stick on Ebay for $1.00 , enough memory capacity
    to store a PDF file’s with links to APR and other web links Admin would deem suitable
    even a copy of the my will form and the true Commonwealth of Australia constitution.

    If APR has 90,000 followers just think what a $1.00 a month donation towards
    buying a USB stick and dropped into letter boxes would do.

    Maybe put the idea to a vote Harry see how many would donate $1.00 a month
    towards this project, just imagine flooding Australia with USB sticks.

  2. Doug

    It would be interesting to know who actually signed the search warrant, whether it was an actual lawful magistrate or just a Clark of the court. Maybe you can let the listeners of APR know Mike.

  3. Wayne Wood

    Mike I am very impressed with how you are dealing with your invasion. But my question is will your gear that you were relieved of be returned to you. And was a time frame given?

  4. Hotheads Webmaster

    Mike, next time, open up an encrypted Cloud storage account on an offshore server and put all your documents up there. Then when the AFP or anybody else searches your computer, they will get nothing. There is no compulsion for you to even tell anybody that you have stored your documents there. So when they come around to pillage your electronic systems, they won’t get a damn thing.

  5. Ian Donald Cotterall

    Hey you blokes! I would have thought you fellas knew about the ATO not having a shred of documentation to support it’s existence. I have it here in front of me. IN THE ADMINISTRATIVE APPEALS TRIBUNAL. Tribunal Reference: N1999/1483. In the Matter of Douglas Cameron, Applicant & COMMISSIONER OF TAXATION, Respondent,AFFIDAVIT. On the 25 February 2000,I, Anthony Wallace of bla bla , Commonwealth public Servant, say on oath, bla bla bla. I’ve had thus information for over 10yrs. If you want a copy I could send you one. Theres a bloke in Mackay called Bob McCulloch who’s very versed in Constitutional matters.

  6. Chris of Masters

    Always check if the warrant has been signed by the judge. It never is, because there are no real judges under maritime jurisdiction. No signature-no warrant.
    Another obvious thing is a crime of personage, DOG LATIN style. The name on ‘warrant’ is a name of dead estate.

  7. Mark Pytellek

    Great show Harry. Mike Holt is one of the few “doers”. If everyone became proactive against tyranny in all its forms, the system of enslavement would collapse overnight. Regards Mark Pytellek

  8. Leon colyer


    • Mike Holt

      I agree. The only question is…. How do we get them out there? Every time I ask people to DO something I hear a chorus of Yeses, but then nothing happens. Until all Aussies get off their collective arses and DO something we are going to get more of the same.

      But if you would like to help, here’s the donation page:

      • John Smith

        Mike Holt Hi we need to put the USB sticks out there
        to simply ask for donations always raises suspicion
        in people’s mind.

        There for this could be one way, first of all members/followers
        will need to put there money where there mouth is by donating
        the $1.00 a month and volunteer to do a letter box drop.

        When the donations are received either by you Mike or Harry
        you can use the money to order the USB sticks from Ebay

        25 OR 50 at a time ,when you place the order for the USB
        you have them sent direct to a member who has volunteered
        to do a letter box drop in his or her location.

        The members that volunteer to do the letter box drop
        could send you Mike or Harry there postal address in a private
        Email for security reasons.

        Once members that volunteered receive the USB and have
        done the letter box drop, they will post that they have done so
        members will read the post and know that this is not a scam
        and will encourage more members to donate and participate

        This way members are getting involved instead of just listening
        to pod casts and making comments.

        You Mike or Harry could let members know how much has been
        donated and how many USB sticks have gone out.

        If someone has a better idea speak up,and for the record I have
        in the past used CD/DVD disks even fliers. worked well then but not

        • Mike Holt

          I disagree. While putting USB sticks in letter boxes sounds like a good idea the logistics are just impossible.
          I ask for donations because it costs money to do what I am DOING. People are happy to donate even $2 a month. What about you?

          • John Smith

            OK Mike got your point not a very realistic idea.
            Also I just got an Email from PayPay asking for donations they want to hand out to
            charities towards the fire’s. Charities nothing but money laundering organizations
            for the Rothschild family and the rest of the goons.

          • John Smith

            About me
            I do support what you and Harry are doing Mike
            just trying to find ways to bring people together

            You’ve donated $50.00 AUD to Advance Australia.
            Thanks for using PayPal.
            Donation details
            Date: 3 January 2020
            Transaction ID: 5H410334WS9561914
            Purpose: Donation to support the Battler
            Donation to: Advance Australia
            Donation from: me
            Donation amount: $50.00 AUD

  9. Richard Gault

    All councils in Queensland add to each rate Notice a figure of $55.55 that they supposedly collect for The Queensland Government that supposedly is given by the Queensland Government to State Emergency Services. Peter Dutton found out two financials years ago that it raises over $488 million a year. State Emergency Services have over 50% volunteers. In September last year the population increased to 5 million. That means they raise over 500 million now supposedly for SES. Where is this money and how has it been spent given we never gave permission to have it put on our Rates. That is over 1 Billion dollars every two years just in Queensland, and they are asking for donations?????? This is our money, stolen without our permission, where is it????

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