APRadio podcast 16-11-2018

Harry and Mike Holt present their weekly “OZ CHAT” program, this week exposing the overkill of Australian Federal security agencies numbering 20 providing spooks under the bed to our 24 million people far exceeding anything like this in the USA. Victorian election and Bourke Street terrorist killings being dismissed AGAIN by politicians…..We apologise for some of the audio being being of reduced quality due to internet connection problems….

4 Replies to “APRadio podcast 16-11-2018”

  1. Dan

    Response for Mike,
    Mike, whilst I understand your frustration with the corrupt duopoly, divide and conquer is exactly what they want. calling some of ‘we the people’ gutless for wanting to exit the system is probably not a good way to keep people on board. some of us have walked a very hard road the last 10 years, and we as people can only endure so much.
    I do remember in another of your interviews you mentioned being in perth, and the police told you to leave. in your words, you were gone within 24 hours.
    support and encouragement is what we need, and I thankyou for your time and work, especially your website which gives a realm of information to combat the black and blue army.

    • Mike_Holt

      Dan, what happened to the Aussie spirit? What happened to sticking by your mates and never giving up?

      The fight got too hard? So you just give up and walk away? Sorry mate, but I call that gutless.

      We need Aussies willing to put up with a bit of hardship, with difficulty, able to stand by us when the shite hits the fan. I know plenty of patriots who have been working hard for years….it gets us all down. But they don’t give up. They take a bit of time off, smell the roses, and then come back stronger and even more determined. Those are the people I will stand by.

      Of course I got out of Perth quick. I can’t fight if I’m locked up. There’s a time to fight, and there’s a time to regroup. But you’ll never see me giving up and saying it’s all too bloody hard.

      If you don’t like my harsh judgement, then that’s too bad. I’ll send you a bag of cement if you need it. Let me know when you’ve finished the bag and then let’s get back in the fight together!

      • Dan

        What happened to the Aussie spirit and sticking by your mates you ask?
        I have been in court more than 30 times for various matters. fighting the Aussie spirit. i have been thrown in a police car numerous times, i have been put in a watch house, i have been threatened with jail time… and what for? for standing up for myself, others, and the Australian constitution. When the police arrive at my place of residence and ask me to leave, I don’t bow to their thuggery. I have had that bag of cement already, but what I am tired of is people like you saying I’m gutless because I am close to running out of fight.
        you preach to all of us that we need to stand against the corrupt system, but you yourself bowed to Parlimentary and police pressure.
        you turn to water when the police make a threat to you, but you say I’m gutless and need a bag of cement? hypocrisy at its finest.

        So whilst you are out there trying to make a difference, realise that divide and conquer is a trick of the enemy. Each and every person has a limit on how much they can bear, Roses or not.
        so if you want to send out a proper message, stand by your own words. don’t go to water and submit, stand with those of us who have already been fighting for years. I haven’t spent 30 years out of Australia to have a break from it yet.

  2. R Davis

    I’m one of them Victorian morons you’s are talkin’ about.
    How did ya’s know ??
    Who’s been tellin’ tales about me while I ain’t there ??
    it must be them bastards next door, ay.
    Pervin over the fence all the bloody time they are.
    No bobdy knows to mind their own business is the problem.

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