APRadio- Podcast 17-02-2020

Harry and Mike discuss the ADF having sworn allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II of the united kingdom prior to 1973 Queen of Australia who does not exist. This entitles those ex-ADF who enlisted prior 1973 to continue protecting this nation … plus more.

15 Replies to “APRadio- Podcast 17-02-2020”

  1. rhonda khoury

    Harry I appreciate your work but please, please, stop interrupting Mike as he speaks. He has many times been saying something interesting and doesn’t get to finish. You must let him finish or it’s just a competition to see who talks over who. Mike doesn’t to my knowledge talk over you. Please give him the respect he deserves and let him finish his sentences. Kind regards, Rhonda Khoury

  2. Cody Mate

    Good work from the U.S.A. weve got the same scum plaguing our lands. Glad I found you guys over on Bitchute. Always loved discussing with my brothers down under

  3. Graeme Brereton

    I joined in 79 and swore my allegiance to the Queen. Now that I know about the chane in the standing of the Constitution I would have asked questions. Australians today are weak as piss because they do not fight the Corporation Government that is illegal. Please get the vets up off their a’s and get them to fight this crap. I for one will be there to fight for my Nation and win back the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901. Righ now we do not have a defence force. The size is so small we have no hope saving the Nation from the Chinese and Indonesian soldiers who will take the country. Australians should get up and March on Parliament and take out the criminals who are committing treason every day!

    • admin

      Graeme~ You right but the digger spirit once found in the nation has all but gone and the gutless masses are riding the roller coaster to hell. I feel we would not rally a sizable opposition to the duopoly corruption if we offered free houses…BUT … if we stop then it is all over …. Harry

  4. Dan

    Harry and Mike

    I’m originally from the UK, moved to Australia 10 years ago, and gained Australian ‘citizenship’ in 2014.

    How do I stand with sending in a ‘My Will’ letter. I am effectively arguing that the piece of paper I signed to become a citizen is null and void, so am I arguing myself into deportation??

    Any advice would be great.



  5. Susan Chandler

    Have already signed and shared the My Will Letter, so many times, I’ve worn out my keyboard. I also have military heritage. Only lost my Father, a WWII Army veteran, 3yrs ago at age 93 and my late Uncle, stayed in the Navy after WWI, for 35yrs. My late grand father was also a WWII Airforce veteran. So, I won’t let there fight for our freedom, be in Vain.

    • admin

      Susan~ Keep the message out there as the duopoly Jericho wall is showing large cracks as the people power giant slowly awakens … Harry

  6. Michael Mathews

    G’day Mike and Harry
    Thank you for the great work you are doing.
    I have been battling crime and corruption in Australia wide since i was a kid at school.
    I have found over the 62 years since I started attending school that most people are very fearful of our crooked Govt’s and authorities.
    I have watched corruption steadily grow deeper especially since the 1970s to the point where we have extreme lawlessness throughout governments, parliaments courts, police, lawyers, media education and healthcare systems.
    Mike Holt described this lawlessness very well in this broadcast.
    We all need to understand that this increasing lawlessness was foretold by Jesus Christ for our current times and God wants all faithful people to prove their courage by standing strong against lawlessness. If we fail to act we are showing we have no respect for Jesus Christ who suffered torture, slander and murder for us in advance of this final times before Christ takes complete Rulership in accordance with God’s will anf grand design.
    I now suffer from chronic sever spine injuries caused by many years battling evil in our county.
    I have helped many people over the years with injustice matters, but I am also still battling against criminals for my own rights and even survival but due to almost having zero mobility I cannot do the work I have always previously done, although I am still working as full time Carer for a courageous woman who has suffered lifelong horrific criminal abuse.
    We have been forced homeless several times due to crime and corruption and we have battled against the crooked ones in the courts, police stations and Govt agencies.
    We have endured criminal abuses, harassment, stalking, malicious prosecution, threats from police in 3 states but God has protected us in amaxing ways.
    I have always used the true Common Law and the Constitution when I got older and learned more .
    The following links cover some of our work but no where all of the work i have done over the years.

    Please do not try to contact me via the blog links because I am not able to respond to them.

  7. Eddie

    This has been tried so many times by many people like Jim Grey and many others , it goes no where because you have to get the main stream media to expose it and that will never happen because they are in bed with the government , it has been proven that every law in Australia is a false law and we shouldn’t be paying tax or paying any govt department for any fines or taxes but everyone who has gone down that road ends up in jail and is ridiculed as a conspiracy nut , as for Kevin annett he has issued arrest warrants for the royal family members including the queen for crimes against children and the missing children from Canada but all it has done for him is made him live in fear and in hiding waiting for his early death from these criminal in the cabal , I would be the first to get behind this idea but unless the masses are informed as well as believe it it’s pointless just like the mass vaccine crimes being perpetrated on our children and the police state Australia has become everyone needs to rise up and even then they will have to go up against the military and since they’ve taken all the guns rocks won’t be much use against the military might

    • admin

      Eddie~ Forget about the sword as this war will be won with the pen gathering momentum with aim to have the pen {not a pencil} used as a weapon in polling booths. The establishment will collapse under people power to remove the juggernaut the people are supporting that is turning daily. Harry

  8. Mick Henry

    Hi Harry and Mike , As this is the first time I have listened to you guys discussing the rules that are put down by our fake Government of today . As an old true blue Aussie that has just turned 80 years old and a very patriotic Australian who thought this country had absolutely no future under the power crazed idiots that call themselves the Australian Government , who over the last 45 years have don nothing but dismantled a great country , treated our ex-service men and woman ,plus the older Australian people like used by rubbish ,But you have given us hope

    • admin

      Mick, I am two years younger than you and agree totally with what you say, however they will succeed forever if we do nothing and every journey starts with the first step. This war is with an enemy within not on a battle field requiring a non lethal battle plan. Harry

  9. john smith

    Harry I have a question if we have not had a lawful
    governor general since 1973, when the Queen was taken
    out of the constitution dose this mean any one that got
    married via a JP in Australia after 1973 are not lawfully married.

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