APRadio podcast 18 August 2018

APRadio podcast logoHarry introduces Len McGuire a contributing journalist for years with Harry on SOSNEWS now part of the APRadio team. Len discusses the ABC Islam agenda in north Queensland, the sweeping move of QLD voters away from the duopoly gathering momentum daily as ALP and LNP continue to self destruct while Bob Katter’s KAP take a considerable lead in the polls. We removed the fake news segment with Harry on the Melbourne beaches being Moslum controlled when we uncovered our research had been compromised.

Rod Culleton speaks on how the High Court dismissed his affidavit before the case began due to Parliament privilege act paving the way for Rod, along with other recently dismissed members of parliament, able to call parliament to accountability under their own rules they attempted to hand to the High Court that clearly lies within the Australian parliament jurisdiction which Rod has been trying achieve since his illegal dismissal from the Senate.

2 Responses to APRadio podcast 18 August 2018

  1. Maureen Willans says:

    I wholeheartedly agreed with the Fraser Anning maiden speech, it seemed he took the ideas right out of my mind!!!! But in reading the West Australian paper today, Mark Riley all but shot Anning out of the water, completely disagreeing with everything he said.

    Go Rod Culleton, I am such a supporter, he is wonderful.

    • admin says:

      Well said Maureen …the people at last are awakening, now all we need is to get them not to vote for the duopoly so we can RECLAIM OUR AUSTRALIA … Harry

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